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Hi all!
Wasn't sure where to post but wanted to get feedback on hypnobabies. I had my first son naturally and plan to do the same with this little guy. I'm interested in having an even better labor experience. Any of you mamas recently use this during labor and delivery? Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: XP hypnobabies

  • I planned a natural Hypnobabies birth but never even went into labor. Even after induction I never dilated past a 1 and ended up with a C-section, so I don't have experience with actually using it during labor but I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it during my pregnancy. It helped me mentally prepare for labor and delivery. I had a couple of false alarms leading up to the birth of my LO and both times I was so excited and happy at the thought of being in labor and using all my Hypnobabies tools to bring my baby into the world. When I think of my pregnancy I think of Hypnobabies and making time every day to relax and listen to my tracks. It was amazing.

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  • I'm sorry that it didn't go completely as planned... It rarely ever does. Glad everything turned out okay. Thanks for the feedback. I'm so glad to hear that you liked the program. I think I'll ask for it for Christmas and give myself a little "me time".
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  • I did hypnobirthing. It really helped in early labor. I had a successful home birth.
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  • I purchased it, but like pp ended up never getting to use it because I had to have a c-section becaue my little guy was IUGR and failed a non-stress test (heart rate dropping)...turned out the chord was wrapped around his neck twice so it was good that we ended up in a c-section.

    My only advice/thought would be that it was a ton of work and required a real commitment of an hour or more a day to get good at it.  IMO, that is too big of a commitment when the odds that you could end up HAVING to have medical intervention are relatively high.  But if you had your first naturally, I guess it makes it more likely you could do it again. Personally, I wish I had not wasted the time or money, but clearly that is because of my own unique circumstance.

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  • I did hypnobirthing myself, and had a successful homebirth with little pain. It was amazing! I've also heard good things about hypnobabies. Apparently the big difference between the two is that hypnobabies is more comprehensive, more info on childbirth in general and complications I believe. They also claim to have a hypnosis technique that somehow works better than the hypnobirthing version which focuses more on relaxation and visualization. Worked great for me though! :) I didn't need or want something more comprehensive as I had given birth before and knew my stuff. I wanted a program that would help me lessen the anxiety I had about giving birth again, (my first birth was a rough experience). So I was happy that hypnobirthing material is very positive without much mention of things that can go wrong. I think it all comes down to what you're looking for. I know of people who have had success with both. Good luck!

  • I've heard great success stories and have the cd. However my labor was so fast 2.5hrs that I never used it bc everything happened so fast. I should have though bc that was the hardest 2hrs of my life!
    I had two friends who had successful medfree births while listening to their cd! I say it's worth a try and if it doesn't help you can always turn it off.
  • I used it for my second and third births, after learning HypnoBirthing for my first.  It was amazing.  I didn't find it time consuming at all, since most of the practice could literally be done in your sleep.  Yes, there are a number of things that need to be done to be fully prepared, but I didn't find it to be too much of a commitment.  There is reading to be done each week for 5 weeks (6 if you take a live class).  That took less than an hour a week.  There is an affirmations CD you listen to daily, but it can be played in the background while you're doing other things, so it doesn't take time out of your day.  There is an instant hypnosis technique that you practice 5 times daily, but you can do them all at one time and it only takes a few minutes.  I did them when I was going to sleep at night or to help me get back to sleep if I got up to use the bathroom, so it didn't take time out of my day.  There are daily scripts you listen to, one per day.  I listened to each one the first time after doing my reading for the week, but I fast-forwarded through the relaxation so I could stay alert and just hear the suggestions and would know what it was teaching me.  Once I had done that and knew what I was learning, I always listened to it while I slept at night, so again, it didn't take any time out of my day.  So one day a week for 5 weeks, I spent around 1.5 hours on preparation, and other than that it was under 5 minutes most days.  But the benefits were enormous.  I slept beautifully, my stress level dropped significantly, I went into my birth confident and joyful.  Oh, yeah, and - bonus! -  it provided all the information and skills I needed to have really enjoyable births. 

    For the record, it can also be very helpful if a woman winds up needing medical intervention.  Two of my close friends had very high-risk pregnancies.  One knew she'd need a c-section.  She chose Hypnobabies to decrease stress, focus on what she could do to help keep her baby healthy and because all the skills are extremely useful before, during and after surgery.  She was really happy with how helpful the skills were throughout her pregnancy and birth.  The other mom was able to use the skills to control her dangerously high blood pressure so well that her OBs went from recommending she have a c-section as soon as they could determine the baby's lungs were developed (they wanted to start checking at 35 weeks) to letting her go until her 39th week when her birth began spontaneously.  She did wind up needing a c-section because her baby was in distress, but she was amazed by how much better she felt during and after the surgery than she had with her first c-section, thanks to using her Hypnobabies techniques.  It's definitely useful for far more than just a straight-forward, vaginal birth.

  • Hi, I'm not a regular poster on this board, but I have used Hypnobabies for 2 of my 3 births and I love it. I wanted a natural birth with my first but ended up getting induced and was sleep deprived and really not very preparedI just took a hospital class and read some natural birth books. At the time, an epidural was the best choice for me. With my other 2, I did Hypnobabies and it really helped me be more relaxed and have less pain when I used the tools during my births.

    I really think there are a lot of benefits to using it, even for moms whose births don't go as planned. It helps reduce stress and encourage bonding with your baby during pregnancy. You learn things about making informed choices that can be used in any type of birth, and the relaxation tools could be used for staying calm during a cesarean. My baby is almost one and I still use some of the techniques sometimes in stressful situations or to help me relax to fall asleep.

    For the sake of clarity, Hypnobabies is not one CD, it is a course, with a set of CDs, a workbook, a birth partner booklet, and several handouts. There are instructors who teach a live version, or you can buy the homestudy course.
  • I did it, and during my pregnancy I really loved it.(SOOOO RELAXING!!!) My birth didn't go as planned (DD moved so she was sideways and I needed a c-section). But I will try again for the next one. 

    Here are some mistakes that I made though...

    I didn't listen to the CDs everyday. It doesn't take any time really like a PP said, but I got lazy and I didn't really do it. I also didn't practice my finger-drop technique 5x a day like I should have. Just once or twice a week.

    The other thing is it really prepares you for a positive labour, so when I went into labour I was so excited I just wanted to sit and enjoy my contractions. I LOVED the first few hours. The problem was once they started to be stronger, I almost felt like it was too late to get started. If you follow the instructions it tells you to start right away, even if it's easy, and then you are already in the habit when things get closer together.  

    All in all though, I would whole-heartedly suggest it. :) 

  • You guys are amazing! Thank you sooo much for sharing your stories and suggestions. I am going to go look at the differences between the two programs and then will definitely be asking for one for Christmas. THANK YOU!!!!
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