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RP: Scabies. Might have to kill DH.

RP from Dec10 Board.

I am pulling my hair out here. Last night I noticed DH itching his arms and asked him WTH is going on. Turns out he's had a rash on his arms for a MONTH and never mentioned it. He figured it was poison ivy which he happens to be very allergic to and always needs steroids for. So, really, he shouldn't have let that go for a month no matter what.

Now he texts me to tell me to wash all the sheets because he thinks it might be scabies. OMG. Scabies is transmitted through physical contact which I would have AVOIDED if he had mentioned that he had a weird rash. 

I am kind of a spaz about pesticides/chemicals when PG so if I catch this and have to cover my body for 12 hours with a pesticide cream while in my 3rd trimester, I might have to kill him.

Everything I have read says that anyone who lives with someone who has scabies should go ahead and get treated. Yeah, no. I'm not covering my two year old or my pg self with this junk unless we actually get it and if we DO? Heaven help him.

AHHHHHHH!!!! I have told him so many times that he needs to TELL me if he thinks he is sick/contagious/anything so that I can take precautions to avoid getting infected with crap.

I'm SO annoyed right now. 


Re: RP: Scabies. Might have to kill DH.

  • Where would he have picked up scabies, and why does he think he has them? You don't pick up scabies from casual contact, and they're really not that common. He should certainly have that confirmed by a doctor before anyone gets treated.
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  • Yeah, he needs to go to the doctor.  Now.
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    Where would he have picked up scabies, and why does he think he has them? You don't pick up scabies from casual contact, and they're really not that common. He should certainly have that confirmed by a doctor before anyone gets treated.

    I have no idea. I'm guessing he's basing this on Dr. Google. I ordered him to go to urgent care tonight so hopefully we'll have an answer soon. We won't treat anything until we know for sure.

    My guess is that if he has it, he picked up when he was getting chemo back in October. He spent a lot of time sitting in a chair at the cancer center and if someone had scabies and had been in the chair prior to him he might have got it that way. Other than that, I have no clue how he could have picked it up. I'm hoping it's just another bad case of poison ivy.

  • As pp said I'd be skeptical of it being scabies unless he knows he was exposed. You usually don't pick it up by just being in the general public. It tends to be seen more in close living quarters or among small children like in daycares since they share and touch everything. Also, you and your family would probably already have it.
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  • I would definitely have him get checked out.  I was diagnosed a few years ago with scabies,and after doing all the crazy treatment we found out that we had bed bugs (worst experience of my life). 
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  • I got scabies when I was 10 or 12.  I have no clue where I got it from, but no one else in my family got it.  I had it for a few months even before I went to the doctor (I was an itchy kid in my defense, but I didn't know better) and my family did the meds as a precaution but they never did get it.  It would be in places like in between fingers and toes, and I had it on my butt and thighs (places that are darker I guess)  He does need to get it checked out. 
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  • I had scabies 2 years ago and it was the most miserable thing I've gone through yet. I have no idea where I got it from, no one else I know had it. I had it over my entire body, except my face, and had dried scabs for a few months after treatment. Luckily I had it in the winter because I couldn't show any skin at all. Make sure he goes in as soon as possible and gets checked out. Also, heat makes them more active hot showers, working out, etc so for a little relief, take a cold shower. Good luck!
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  • i had scabies the first few months of my pregancy and i thought it was just a rash but then i finally asked my doctor what it was and he told me and it totally grossed me out.. i accdently passed it on to my boyfriend who lives with me and he got it to... it was so embrassing but got rid of em by one treatment of that ominet thank God!
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  • My whole family got scabies when I was a kid we got it from my aunts puppy who had mange apparently on dogs it is mange and on people it's scabies. Either way it is completely disgusting. We we're treated with the pesticide cream and it went away pretty quick but I am definitely more careful around animals now.

    Has your DH come in contact with a dog that might have had mange? He could have picked it up there IF it is in fact what his rash is. 

  • I'm with you in the chemical phobia, even when I'm not pregnant.  My sister's kids had lice one time and she called me to tell me.  I was freaking out at the thought of having to cover my family's heads in pesticides.  Luckily, we didn't get it from them.  But in doing my research I found a bunch of natural remedies for lice - like smothering them with mayo and vinegar - stuff like that.

    If your DH does end up with scabies, perhaps there are natural remedies out there.  Before you use the pesticides, I'd do a little searching on alternatives.  Good luck!

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