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Roll Call!

Who's here these days?!

Any lurkers want to come join the fun?

Meanwhile...what's the worst Christmas present you've received or gift in general?

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Re: Roll Call!

  • ME!!!

    Not a lurker...but wondering who is!

    The worst present I've ever gotten was a SPAM gift set...this was just as I was just slowly getting used to eating meat again after 4 years of being a vegetarian...I've probably only ever eaten it a handful of times in my life.  It was quite possibly the only thing that has ever been "re-gifted" by me...It was from a boss who gave the same thing to everyone... and it was a common gift in the country I lived in at the time.



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  • Im still here...

    as far as the worst gift... I don't really think anything has been that horrible... yeah, some things that Im just like alright... but nothing too bad... 

  • I'm here.  Not a lurker and I'm happy to see the board picking up a bit!

    hmmm.. I've gotten some bad ones but I think the worst is yet to come.  I've got wind that my FIL wants to get all the girls sewing machines for Christmas.  None of us sew or even want to... 

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  • I'm here
    I mostly just come in and read what everyone else is doing. Having 4 at home is very busy!! I love reading about everyone's little ones
    Emma rae is now 7 months today! and it is just flying by! I promise to start posting more. I just don't have many issues with her. She is by far our easiest child. Very relaxed and mild tempered. I swear we didn't hear her cry until she was 4 months old.
    I am usually on September 2010 for our 2 year old daughter who NEVER sleeps!
  • Oops....
    Worst gift was a pair of "diamond" earrings from my horrible mil that needed 4 replacement stones and new posts to be wearable. She gave them to me in a tearful apology for treating me like crap for 8 years, and she realized that I was a part if the family once I gave birth to her grandchild because being nice and welcoming is not enough, you apparently have to breed to become "one of them"
    My dh and I took them to the jeweler to get them fixe and they were costume jewelry
    It wasn't the fact that they were fake, it was just weird that they had such a great story and apology with it
    She is truly crazy
  • I'm here!

    As far as a bad gift, my step-aunt is addicted to the shopping channel and has tons of money to blow on that stuff. She bought all of us girls really tacky costume jewellery one year, after that these weird scarves that were supposed to be convertible into something else (but nobody could figure out how) and the next year each of us got a cheap looking rain poncho lol. We got a pretty funny picture the year we all got ponchos but none of the gifts are ever worn again.

    She's a great aunt and we love her dearly but her gift picking abilities are kind of lacking. We always get a good chuckle though. :)

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  • I used to be really involved during pregnancy but went to FB. I am still on here but I'm mostly active on the Natural Birth board, but visit here time to time :)
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  • I'm here.

    I got this as a wedding present:

    Carl Jung's Red Book. Its huge--weighs almost 10 lbs and certainly won't fit on my bookshelf at 12" x 18". So freaking random.


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  • image zoeygirl1105:
    Who's here these days?! Any lurkers want to come join the fun? Meanwhile...what's the worst Christmas present you've received or gift in general?

    I'm around but tend to only reply when I'm actually on my computer (which is rare) because I hate typing replies on my phone!

    ETA:  Worst xmas gift was probably a gift certificate to a restaurant 3 hours away that we never expressed any desire to go to.  And the value of the GC was less than the cost of two entrees! 

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  • I post more often now than I did pregnant. I lurked most of the time while pregnant except to share my 10 week 3d ultrasound. The worst gift I got was a Paris Hilton perfume set for my bridal shower. I don't even know who gave it! I'm guessing the card was separated from the lovely perfume. That was a regift. I gave it to my aunt to regift to a relative in a "2nd" world country when she was going to visit LOL
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  • Here!

    We received this really ugly bird's nest with an electric candle for our wedding. Nice gesture, but just didn't fit in with our other decor. ;
  • I lurk from time to time (so "hi!"). The worst gift I've ever received was some stupid piece of crystal that you are supposed to put on top of a light. Gotta love crazy old aunts!
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  • I'm here!!!

     The worst gift I've gotten was from my sil. She didn't acknowledge the birth of ds1 until February. He was born in oct.  She gave us my 1st christmas ornaments. Christmas had already passed, so kinda strange. She also gave him a onesie with a blue bear head coming out of it. It looked like someone cut the head of a teddy bear and sewed to a onesie. Scary.

  • I'm a lurky loo.  

    Hmm...worst present would be when I was 14 my grandma (now estranged after my mom FINALLY wrote her off, long story, but just an awful person all around)

    gave me a black and white sweatsuit in a size 6X that had butterflies with 3D wings that detached.




  • Still here! Worst Christmas present? A statue of a giant hand.  It was a white elephant gift. Completely creepy!
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  • Good timing! I lurk here and hang out on the 6-9 month board. Sometimes I want to answer something here but think it would look crazy since there aren't too many here anymore and I have hardly posted. So now I can, thanks!

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  • I'm around, mostly.

    DH's dad always sends us completely random stuff...but I can't really think of a good "worst present".  

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  • I'm around when I remember to check is board.

    Ugly ugly sweater from mil. Just smile and nod.... 

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  • I'm on sometimes, have posted and like to read.

    I can't recall the worst gift, but have one aunt that does send us random things we usually can't or won't ever use - she sends the same random thing to all of the siblings each year.  Of course, I always write a nice thank you card and then either find said item a new home or donate.

  • I'm here, I bump while bfing.

    I can't think of the worst gift
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  • I'm here. I bump while bfing too. I post sometimes but check in daily.

    worst present wasn't actually a present... My ex's mom forgot to get me something so she offered to let me pick something out of her truck of stuff to regift :P 

  • I'm here. 


    I don't have a worse Christmas gift, but i got a glass lemon when I graduated from college from an aunt I barely knew.  

  • Im still here! I try to check daily, but life has been a little crazier than normal.  

    I can't really think of an awful gift.  I've had plenty of jewelry from my MIL that is just NMS, but nothing terrible.

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  • Here! Worst gift? Prob my SS from work last year... a bottle of clear nail polish and a travel sized lotion... I understand that I'm a girl and you are a boy, but come on!
    I can't even believe I am the mom to a two year old...
  • I'm here!

    I get on here when I'm pumping... which is all the time.

    Worst gift ever.... can't think of one!
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  • Here!


    Worst gift I guess would be when (around 26 years old) my dad who I'm not close with at all bought me a tank top and underwear set. It was very akward.

  • I lurk because I'm usually on my phone and can only read, not type.. I think the worst Christmas present was when I was 12, my mom got me about 20 used (not gently, very obviously) paperback Danielle Steele novels.. and wrapped each one individually.  I had no right reading Danielle Steele at 12.. 
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  • I'm here!

    Worst Christmas present would have to be a windchime made out of sticks and shells with a pottery cat on it from MIL. I only hang it up when she comes to town and during hurricanes in hopes that it will get blown far no such luck. I swear our house could get blown over, and that thing would still be hanging.

  • Worst gift by far a really creepy clown pin from my grandmother. Thatbthingsbscares the bejesus out of me. Also who wears pins?
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  • Im still here :. Worst christmas present i ever got was a really ugly pig mug
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