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Being a recluse

I realized after turning down my third holiday party invite that I have become a major recluse since being pregnant. Some of it has to do with exhaustion and overall pregnancy miserable-ness, but I just really want to avoid confrontation about my pregancy and how "huge" or "small" I am or other stupid conversation topics related to pregancy that will inevitablely upset me.

 Anyone else in the same boat or are you enjoying going out for social gatherings?




Re: Being a recluse

  • Sort of. A group of my longtime friends usually get together sometime around this time of year. We missed our summertime get together because I couldn't get anyone to answer me back about days & times. So I'd really like to see them before February... But I'm dreading the planning part because I'm not feeling great and energetic, the idea of driving a ways somewhere isn't appealing, and this is a really busy time at work. But since I haven't heard from any of them, it's probably up to me if it's going to happen (none of them have kids yet so they're probably freaked out about bugging me since I'm the first one to go through this life transition... That's how we were when the first one of us got married)
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  • I am, but not by choice and I'm really sad about it.  Due to my pre-e diagnosis, we decided to cancel all of our holiday travel plans and had to back out of a number of parties....it suuuucks.  But hopefully I will still be baking this baby at that point and that's the important thing.

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  • I've had a tendency lately to stay at home instead of going out.  I'd much rather stay in my yoga pants :)

    But I've been forcing myself to go to parties, meet up with friends, and think about topics to talk about other than baby. And by the end, I usually end up being glad that I did.  I think I'd go stir crazy just sitting at home thinking about being pregnant all the time!

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  • We went to a party last night, and I know what you mean about having the same conversations/heaing the same comments over and over again.  Try not to let them upset you.  I figure no one is trying to be rude or insensitive; they just don't know they are making your feel uncomfortable and by and large are just excited for you.  You can always turn the conversations the way you want them, start a on a new topic or just make a joke and move on if want to.  There are only so many things people can say on the topic until they get bored.  I'd say get out to one party and if it really is as terrible as you thought it was going to be, make the decision from there if you want to continue going out.  Remember, you might not have much of a social life when the baby gets here!



  • Yes! I am always turning down lunches during the week and my girlfriends always want to get together and do something on the weekends. I turn them down every time. I just don't feel social. I've been nesting like a mad woman and working on the nursery every weekend. I told them that I'm not feeling social at the moment and they understand so hopefully it doesn't ruin our friendship.
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  • I have been feeling the exact same way. I hate trying to find things to make me look 'cute' when I don't feel cute at all. I would rather just stay home in my comfy pants. :)
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  • I'll admit it: I dodged an invite to a good friend's Christmas party.  And I feel terribly about it, bc I love her and her whole family.  It was a variety of factors, though:

    -none of my mat clothes fit me properly and I'm horribly uncomfortable and awkward in them

    -the party doesn't start until 7, which is Jack's bedtime, and roughly the point in the day at which I turn into a pumpkin

    -I don't know anyone else who will be there besides the hosts, and I don't feel like making awkward small talk with strangers about my pregnancy.  

    -I still have nasty m/s in the evenings.

    So yeah, I declined the invitation.  I feel really badly about it.   

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