Question for second time moms....taking care of a 2 year old after c-section..

I had a c-section with DD because she was breech.  I am now pregnant again and my dr. is giving me the option of a repeat c-section or a vbac.  I am considering the repeat c-section because it can be planned and I already know what to expect.  My biggest concern about a c-section is taking care of DD afterwards.  DH will be home for 2 weeks but after that time, I am wondering if I will be able to lift DD in and out of her crib and the car.  Are there anyother difficulties that may come up after a c-section and taking care of my daughter?  BTW, I had a very smooth recovery with my first c-section.
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Re: Question for second time moms....taking care of a 2 year old after c-section..

  • My kids are 22 mos apart.  I wanted the RCS and so glad I did.  My first recovery was easy and so was my second.  DH stayed home for a week and then my mom came for a week.  By week 3 I was all set to be by myself and had no problems at all getting my oldest out of her crib or into her car seat (and I have a Pilot so it's high up)
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  • I have a pilot too (should have mentioned that in my post) so it will definitely take some lifting to get DD in her seat.  If I knew my recovery this time would be as easy as last time, I would be 100% for the repeat c-section...ugh, I hate the unknown!!
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  • I've never had an issue taking care of my other kids. I've had 4 c-sections. My first 3 kids are all 1.5 years apart. My recoveries have all been great - in fact, my 4th c-section was my easiest and best recovery.....


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  • my 2nd CS was much easier to recover from than 1st. my daughter was almost 2 when our 2nd was born and we had already moved her into a toddler bed so the crib wasn't an issue. part of the reason we moved her so early was so that i wouldn't have to deal with it (plus i i wanted to use her crib!) i found that after 2 weeks, i could lift her enough to get her into the car without it hurting me. i was actually really surprised how taking care of her post cs wasn't as much of issue as i expected it to be. we are now expecting our third and our youngest will be 19 mths when this baby comes and i'm not worried about it at all. you will be surprised by how you figure it out as you go.
  • I had a CS with my 2nd child when my DS was 2, and I was able to be alone with both when my DH went back to work at 1 week. It was hard but doable, although we watched a lot of tv those first few weeks.

    As soon as I got pregnant I really pushed climbing into the car on his own, and I think that helped a lot. I don't have to pick him up to get him in the car at all. I also moved him to a toddler bed. You have plenty of time to make slow changes now that will make it easier on you later.

  • It was difficult to explain that mommy has an ouchie and can't wrestle and play but would love snuggles. After the first couple weeks, I was feeling much better and was able to care for the 2 year old better. Not being able to lift her or pick her up was hard for her. DH had to be the sole caregiver for DD1 while I took care of the baby.
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