Weaning Techniques?

Besides kellymom, are there any other sites/books, etc. that offer good, real advice on how to stop nursing. Or feel free to offer your own advice. TIA.

Re: Weaning Techniques?

  • don't sit down in your favorite nursing chair

    keep busy, distract, offer lots and lots of favorite eats and drinks every 2 hours during the day and evening.

    if evening nursing is a usual part of your bedtime routine, work to move it earlier in the night, so you nurse and then bath, pj's books, etc.  so the nursing gets away from the whole go to sleep thing. 

    Or move nursing to very very last after big snack, bath, pj's, brush teeth, book, etc.  start to make the bedtime routine a bit longer and start it a bit later than usual.  so by the time you get to the brush teeth and book they are ready to conk.  that can mean shorter and shorter bedtime nursing sessions, cause they are just too tired.

    don't offer but don't refuse works mostly.

    you will have to play a lot of it by ear as to what will work for the temperament of your particular baby.




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  • I started by dropping one pump session per week and then dropped the morning feeding and shortly thereafter the middle of the night feeding. I still nurse ds right before bed but that's it. I started weaning about three weeks ago and hope to be done in a week. My supply is adjusting but occasionally I have been engorged but no leaking yet. Not sure how to drop the last session but I'm working in it slowly. I have a freezer full of milk and started giving ds one half wcm and have bf in the morning. He's been pretty easy so far but I have noticed a couple of times that he's wanted to nurse and didn't want a bottle so I distracted him with songs and dancing. :
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  • So I am assuming the LO in your sig is who your weaning, I say that only cause I am currently weaning my almost 2.y.o! I am/was currently tandem feeding which is nursing my newborn and my middle child at the same time. . . .turned out being way too much for me. So Ive tried the "dont offer dont refuse" technique, and for me anyways that still turned out being me nursing her every 2 hrs cause she either wanted it upon waking up and nursed to sleep and wanted to nurse anytime I had baby etc. . .it was too much so 3 days ago almost 4 now I firmly put my foot down and just stopped. She will ask please and I will say no that I am using them to feed the baby and I usually get up or try to distract her so she doesnt get upset. Night time is the real test but so far so good, 1st night was the worst. I didnt want to go about it "cold turkey" for her anyways but w/me being home 24/7 cause maternity leave and she is already a VERY demanding child I just had to cause I was up like every hr between both the yougest nursing @least one of them. I exhausted myself. I am really happy I finally am getting somewhere and I do not see a change in my daughters love for me. Well the first day she was pissed and she showed it but now I still get all the kisses and all the hugs :) GOODLUCK
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