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Starting nursery planning!

How many out there have started planning/shopping for nursery? It is so exciting and really making everything real! I had DH put a fresh coat on the walls today and just ordered this super cute wall decal. We are f doing a jungle theme. Scary thing is we have committed to a name by ordering this decal. Hope we don't have any last minute changes. 




Re: Starting nursery planning!

  • We started planning this weekend by completing our registries at Target & BRU. We've decided on a musical theme & I'm ordering a decal next month. Exciting times!! 
    For with God, all things are possible!!

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  • Started Planning also.. My dad is going to paint for us because he does it best lol wr are getting new floors..started ordering furniture and registered at BRU fot bedding..so cute!!!! I want the wooden letters to spell out name for wall but havent decided on name so luckily we have time
  • DH and I went to pick out some paint colors today! We're going to start decorating when I get done with my finals in 2 weeks! Exciting stuff!
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  • Very cute!

    "Scary thing is we have committed to a name by ordering this decal. Hope we don't have any last minute changes."

    The way these decals typically work is they go up in pieces...so if you have a change of heart...just don't put up the name part...unless of course your SO suggests a name you could never live with..then you immediately put up the stencil with the name and say sorry...Tehehe!

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  • We're doing an ocean animal theme and I love it!  I just ordered the last piece of furniture today.  We already  have the bedding and a few other knick-knacks.  My family is coming out for Christmas so we're going to paint the room then and put all the furniture together.  My aunt is super crafty so she's decorating some wood letters for his name to hang over the crib.  I can hardly wait to see it all come together!
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