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I seriously don't know how long I can handle these mood swings... I'm happy and content then one thing is said and its like WATCH OUT and then I just fight the tears and get sad...

How long do these last because I don't like the person I am being!!! I am trying so hard to avoid these actions.... and fiance is WONDERFUL but right now during all this he is sarcastically saying things that I know he really means and it kills each time..


Re: hormones...

  • I don't have terrible mood swings right now but when I was on a birth control that had a higher level of estrogen I was terrible. The only thing that helped was writing things down. If someone made me mad at work I would have to go to the bathroom and write about how angry I was and how stupid everyone must be. I never could figure out how to not feel things so intensely but I was able to avoid just losing my mind altogether by letting my feelings out somehow. I actually screamed at the top of my lungs on my way home from work when I was in my car a few times to let a little of the crazy out. 
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  • I'm feeling the same way! I have already cried three times today. My husband doesn't know how to handle it...and neither do I! I just hope it levels out soon. I feel like I've been possessed by satan! Haha.
  • Thank you girls I went to my niece and nephews Christmas program and cried three times hahahaha oh my,.... I just don't want fianc thinking I'm crazy now lol!!!!
    I dont want to be like this I want to enjoy this precious time...
    Thank you for the suggestion of writing things down!!! I'm definitely going to try this!!!
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