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Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel anyone

I am having horrible wrist pains and numbness in my hands to the point that it is waking me up at night. I have tried wearing wrist braces when I go to bed and try wrist exercises. My OB said it was pregnancy related carpal tunnel and unfortunaetly there wasn't anything she can do about it and it should go away shortly after delivery!

So my question.... is anyone else dealing with this and what have you found for relief?!?

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Re: Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel anyone

  • I had it really bad with my son and it has flared up a few times during this pregnancy as well.  The brace really helped but I wore it all the time, not just at night.  When my hand bothers me now I wear it all the time too.  I only have it in my right hand/wrist which is weird.  It certainly stinks and I am sorry you are having to deal with it.


    Good luck! 


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  • I would wear it all the time but I work in health care and I am not allowed to have them on when I am in clinic doing patient care which is all the time! Otherwise when I am at home I have the braces on!


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  • Ugh I have it really bad too. I guess I'm lucky though because other than that I have had a very easy pregnancy. It sucks though, every morning it hurts worse!
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  • I had it really bad with my son and haven't been too bad this time around but it does seem to be flaring up again.  I used a brace with him but it didn't really help.  Good news is that it does go away after delivery!
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  • I have it as well and it's mainly in my right hand. Are you just wearing a brace or wearing a wrist immobilizer? It needs to be the latter. Your doctor is right though, other than a wrist immobilizer there is nothing that can be done and hopefully it goes away for you after pregnancy (typically it does since it's caused my the pregnancy swelling).

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  • I have CTS, not pregnancy related.  So far, the only thing that helps is CTS specific wrist braces.  Maybe icing it will help, but in my case, I can't physically hold cold things, it hurts. 

    Also, wrist exercises make it worse for me, so maybe try a few days without them and see if that helps?

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  • It's the immobilizer brace! It helps when I can wear it which is from the time I get home till I go to work!!

    I have it mostly in my right hand to and I think it's because I am right handed. My OB said my hands are swelling but thank God it's not pre-e related and I don't have any of those problems!!

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  • I had it in both wrists with DS.  Wear braces all the time, day and night.  Watching your salt intake and drinking more water can also help reduce swelling.  If you do a lot of repetitive motion at work, try resting more in the evenings (like less bumping if you type a lot!) :)


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  • I had no problems with it last time, but in the last week or so it has really flared up. I find it strange that it's only in my right wrist, especially since I'm left handed. I borrowed an ace bandage from my mom to keep it wrapped. I might get a wrist brace if it continues.

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