My daughter (5 months) is absolutely insatiable!  When I'm at home, I can keep up with her and keep her satisfied (barely...a lot of the time she sucks and then pulls off to cry until there's a letdown and then she's happy).  But at work?  I only get two pump breaks and I'm lucky to get 8 oz during the almost 9 hours I'm out of the house.  My husband tries to console her and hold her off until I get home but we're having to give her formula more and more often while I'm at work!  I forgot my milk in my work fridge just one day and I brought home two days worth the next day and she got through it in just one day of me being at work!!  That was almost 15 oz!  

I'm at my wits end!  She's had the occasional puree'd bananas but I don't want that to be a normal thing until she's a bit older.  I hate when she has to have formula but I just can't seem to get more milk when I'm at work!  I've tried the tea, I've tried filling my office with pictures of her, but it just doesn't seem to work...

 Ideas are so welcome!  I wanted to breastfeed her until she was one but if she starts getting formula all day when I'm at work then it's only a matter of time before my supply won't be able to keep up with her when I'm at home!


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