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We are going to be selling our house soon and actually have an interested buyer although it's not on the market yet (YAY!). But I feel that our house lacks that nice home smell that I want the buyer to smell. What are your favorite scents to have in your home?
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Re: Home scent

  • I love baked goods lol (and now that I think about it, having a home smell like cookies baking in the oven may be good for a walk through). We have scentsy and we burn scentsy scents as well as Yankee candle tarts in there. It spreads the smell through the entire level of the home.

    Other than birthday cake, sugar cookie, etc.... I love the sweet fruits. Hate the spiced scents and the holiday pine scents. They make me gag

  • I've always heard that having the smell of cookies or brownies will help a house sell.
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  • For selling a house, I would stick with a baked goods smell. But my favorite Yankee Candle right now is Apple Cider. It is divine. You might also have good luck with a holiday scent this time of year? Good luck selling!! 
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  • I read on Pinterest that it is a good idea when selling your home to heat a cup of water with a couple of teaspoons of vanilla in the microwave and it will give your home a wonderful vanilla smell.

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  • I agree with the 'baked goods' responses. I LOVE our Yankee Candle Birthday Cake & the Fudge Ripple.

    Also, I like 'clean' scents like Fresh Linen, Clean Cotton, etc & coffee scents.

    GL on the house selling venture!


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  • Cinnamon & Vanilla. I've heard that if your home smells like Vanilla, it's more likely to sell? I don't know how true that is, but our realtor told us that.
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  • Thanks for all of your input ladies! I was thinking I might do cookies on the floor that has the kitchen, lavendar/vanilla for the floor with the bedrooms, and something spicy (cinnamon, mulberry, etc) for our basement. You know for that "man" smell.
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  • I loved the baked goods scent, but my favorite winter smell is bath and body works "winter"
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  • Take orange peel and a cinnamon stick and boil on stove top for ten minutes. Smells great.Cheap, too

    Others might say cookies I can't stand the homes I walk through that do that. It is staged and I know then that the house has been professionally staged.


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  • I like varkeyr's idea for cinnamon and orange peel.  I personally am very sensitive to many smells, especially artificial ones like fake flower smells (like a juniper candle or lotion), most scented candles, perfume and any room freshener.  If I walked into a house and it smelled like any of those things, I would immediately turn around and leave because it would mean an instant headache.  I realize I'm in the minority based on the responses above, but I would tread lightly with making your home smell because it is so personal in terms of what people like and don't like. 

    If you have any smells (like cat litter) that you need to hide, by all means cover it up, but I would recommend not doing anything too strong.

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