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Thomas Wooden Trains?

I am buying a train table and some wooden trains for my  lo who is 20 months.. he loves Thomas from the show and we have a few ... So which wooden ones are the top ones? and is there a list of the trains? I go Toys R us and there are sooo many trains taht I am so confused.  I dont want to buy duplicates and he doesnt need the all right now... Is there a place to get them less expensive? I am current;ly looking at Amazon. TIA!!

Re: Thomas Wooden Trains?

  • You could check craigslist to get them used?
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  • I have already seen them on Zuiliy twice this Christmas season so I'm sure they will pop up again.

    Toys R Us frequentely has B1G1 50% sales on the wooden pieces, which when one train is around $15 that can make a big difference.

    Also, I have seen used ones in great condition on Ebay.  


  • YARD SALES! (I know that doesn't help in the winter, but for spring? Maybe for his second birthday!?)... I got DS TWO HUGE plastic bins at two different yard sales of all kinds of trains... Thomas, all the tracks, all the bridges, all the trains, buildings, etc. He is going to have THE BEST train set ever when we give it to him. Oh, and one yard sale had their box for $5 and another was $15, so $20 total... I've seen one bridge for more than that. PS. I love saving money. :)

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  • AC Moore has sales on them sometimes too
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  • Thomas, Percy, Emily, Gordon, James, Toby...Diesel 10 my son's current favorite.  These are the main train 'characters'  

    I found the wooden trains/set at Marshalls.  I just got Emily for 12.99!   You never know what they will have but I get lucky sometimes.


  • Target sells them. Also look for DVD/train packs. Usually they will be at Sam's club or Costco. Also try other stores like teaching stores or even Big Lots.

    I bought a generic table and added Thomas trains. They work just as well as the Thomas set.

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