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F/U to new daycare's violations

So, I spoke with the daycare owner(of the new center we are considering)about the list of violations from their state inspection and he put me at ease.  It all seemed to be silly things, hand sanitizer in a employees purse on a 3ft shelf etc..  He was a little defensive and  told me about another center where the owner wasn't allowed on the property.  He said, "I think I'd be a little more concerned about that."

When I had called the state to review his inspection I also asked about the other center he had owned.  She informed me it was closed due to a long list of violations.  this was 5 yrs ago and she couldn't give me any more details.  Those records aren't accessible on line either.  The daycare owner explained it as a snow ball effect with their attendance sheets.  This center had sign in/out per classroom but the state wanted it to also be for the entire center.  He said that they could've easily appealed it but chose not to since their numbers were down and the families were almost all willing to transfer to his other center.  As an outsider, I can't understand why you wouldn't fix what the state wants! this is now on your record as a forced shut down.  I also know that daycare centers really operate by the director who is not at all affialated with the previous center. The owner has a full time job in insurance.WWYD  Could you make your decision with out considering all that went on at this closed center?  does he seem like a shady business man?  TIA

Re: F/U to new daycare's violations

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