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Christmas present for expecting wife

my wife is due at the end of january.... can any one help me with some gift ideas?  I'd like to buy her something that she can use after the baby comes and she's already received a ton of gifts at her showers. A

 Any help is appreciated



Re: Christmas present for expecting wife

  • A new camera or video-recorder would be nice.

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  • Spa or gift cert for new clothes.  Please try to remember she is still a woman and your wife.  She may not want something to use for the baby as a gift.  I love my kids, but hate that MIL always buys me things to use for them.
  • massage, prenatal or post... gift cert for the mall to shop for herself... gift cert for hair, nails and toes... jewelry... weekend away... it's hard to say much without knowing what she likes...

    Here are some hobby specific ones... new books, nice new jogging sneakers, iPod, crafty or scrapbooking supplies, zumba or yoga classes, cooking classes...


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    Spa or gift cert for new clothes.  Please try to remember she is still a woman and your wife.  She may not want something to use for the baby as a gift.  I love my kids, but hate that MIL always buys me things to use for them.

    Totally agree with this. My ILs got both DH and me baby stuff for our birthdays this year. Not that I care about my birthday and getting stuff, but really? I think it's important to remember that while she's a mom, she's still her own person.  I like the new clothes idea too. She is going to be so sick of her maternity ones if she isn't already. Maybe even a nice weekend away for you two.

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    Spa or gift cert for new clothes.nbsp; Please try to remember she is still a woman and your wife.nbsp; She may not want something to use for the baby as a gift.nbsp; I love my kids, but hate that MIL always buys me things to use for them.

    All of this. She'll probably be feeling not so hot, and a massage or getting her nails done, or a new wardrobe will help her feel like a woman again. That's what my DH is doing for me, plus a dinner date for us.

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  • Agree with the other ladies.  Get her something that is just for her, not for the baby.  A camera, spa or favorite store gift certificate, or a piece of jewelry with the baby's birthstone or initial are all great ideas.
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  • I would kill for a spa day. Maybe a few massages/ mani/ pedis at a local place that she can use on her own time when she's ready?


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  • If your wife is a reader, I say go for the kindle fire. I absolutely love mine.


  • Agree with PPs about not getting something for the baby.  At this point her whole existence is tied up with the baby (at this point we're so pregnant you feel it ALL.THE.TIME) so reminding her that she's more than just a mom will be nice.  For this year and future years as well.  

    I also agree with the spa day.  A prenatal massage and pedicure would go far for most women because like I said, we are all very pregnant and pregnancy is not very comfortable at this point.  Plus, she probably can't get to her toes to paint them anymore.  ;) 


  • I want a camera for Christmas.  I love taking pictures tho and really want a new camera before this baby comes (I got the camera I have now right before our 1st was born 7 years ago).  It's time for an upgrade. 


    But, I agree with the other ladies.  I nice spa day sounds amazing!!! :)   Maybe get 2 if you can afford it, that way she can go with a girlfriend.  Spa days are always better with a friend to take along :) 

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  • Does she drink coffee? A Nespresso machine. My sister gave me one as a shower gift 3 years ago. Love it.
  • Jewelry is always good. DH got me a waxing poetic necklace last year with our married monogram on the front and our wedding date engraved on the back. He also got a smaller charm with our daughter's initial. It is probably one of my favorite presents ever.
  • I'd personally love a nice, small purse. I'm about to start a life of carrying around a diaper bag instead of my usual beautiful bags, so having a nice crossbody bag I can use in addition to the diaper bag would be awesome.

    Along those same lines, one of my all time favorite gifts was my Hobo wallet. I got t a few years ago and I still love it!


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  • A prenatal massage is a great idea, I had one of those at 38 weeks and it really helped with my achy joints.

     Personally, I would not mind a gift for the baby, but you'll have to judge that one based on your wife as some women are saying not to go that route.

    i would not recommend clothes, buying cute clothes for myself is one of the things I miss most during pregnancy...  It would only bum me out to get clothes.

    a friend gave me a necklace from origami owl which opens up and you can put charms on it.  Mine has the initial of our baby girls name, plus little feet and the word family.  I love it and can't wait to wear it. Perhaps something like that?

  • I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't mind a gift for the baby. Money is tight and if it's something we need, I'd love to get it. But I'm also the kind of person who wouldn't mind getting a vacuum or appliance, so really it's up to what kind of lady your wife is. That being said, I'd LOVE a massage or pedicure or anything that would be about pampering myself. It's something I'd never do for myself and as PP said, I can't reach my toes anymore. :(


  • I am super practical so I'd love to get a gift for the baby plus I barely got anything at my showers besides clothes so I still need to buy a lot of things. It just depends on your wife though.

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  • My husband just got me a Pandora bracelet for our 1 year anniversary! I love it and it has a baby carriage charm on it among other charms! It was really cute!! 

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  • A spa day or gift certificates for things like a pedicure or massage are great ideas... but then you need to follow through and make the appointments for her.  My DH is always saying to go for a massage or a pedicure, etc.. but I never do it because the situation/circumstances are never presented...
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