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Finding shoes

So ladies! As I am sure I'm not the only one who has become incredibly uncomfortable in thier shoes, I was wondering if anyone has found some cute and amazingly comfortable shoes! I'm on my feet 10-12 hours a day so suggestions I will gladly take! Thanks in advance!

Re: Finding shoes

  • My DH got tired of tying my shoes half a dozen times a day so he bought me a pair of Crocs.  They are so comfortable! And the Ladies designs are coming in more styles than just the ambiguous gender styles.
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  • I found a pair of Ugg mules for 45 bucks a few months ago, they are pretty much all I wear! Super comfy and they slip on and off.
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  • I'm all about boots this time of year! There are some cute slouch styles that are flat, or even some good ol' Ugg (or Ugg-like in my case) boots always are a great idea. Then your feet are warm too! 


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  • What style are you looking for?  The pair that I love is expensive (the only reason I have them is bc DH is a rep for this company), but they are awesome!  It is called The Steady, by Sole.  They retail for $130, but they are made with a cork wrapped sole and either brown or black leather upper.  The footbed has great arch support and metatarsal support too, I believe. They are a clog style, and give me plenty of support, and still give me room if my feet swell.  They aren't super stylish (the clog style is wider in the toe box), but I think they look good with pants.  The website to check them out is www.sole.com.  I love the Sole flip flops, because they offer great arch support, but are cuter than Birkenstocks, and when they came out with shoes, I was super excited!
  • I am on my feet a lot too and most of the time I wear scrubs and tennis shoes but sometimes I like to wear my cute maternity clothes to work!!

     For tennis shoes I got the e360's from easy spirit... they have them in wide width and they stretch plenty during the day and they are slip ons!!

    For my dressier shoes I got a pair of dr. scholl's (those you can buy in a lot of stores such as wal-mart or meijer) I got them in wide width and it's another shoe that stretches plenty during the day to allow room for my every widening feet!!

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