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Anyone have a feeling whether boy or girl?!

So I'm definitely feeling its a girl- I refer to the baby as she and have dreams it's a she .... How ever I have had two people who I kinda consider to be able to sense it- a little old Portuguese lady and my moms friend who is all into the signs etc both say (one not knowing that I was pregnant) that I was pregnant with a boy..... So I don't know! 


:) anyone else have ideas of what they are having ?  

Re: Anyone have a feeling whether boy or girl?!

  • I feel girl but that is probably because I already have 2 and wouldn't know what to do with a boy! Also, the HB was 160s-170 both times it was checked. I thought DD1 was a boy but knew DD2 was a girl so my instincts are 50/50.


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  • Not sure yet. I thought DD was a boy until the day before I had her. We are going team green again. I think it is going to be harder not knowing this time around, but only more 7 months to go, right?

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  • I keep having dreams its a boy, I also feel so different than my first two pregnancies. Both of which were girls. But I also have this deep feeling that it is another girl. My DH swears it will be a boy, along with my oldest daughter. While my youngest daughters says she is having another sister to play with. So we shall see!!

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  • Since I learned I was pregnant I have felt like I was going to have a boy.  I'm so drawn to all boy things.  I've already painted the nursery and bought my nursery furniture.  I tried to pick something that was gender neutral and could be decorated with anything pink or blue...we'll find out soon enough...
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  • Our intuition is girl. My boss's wife said whatever name you agree on first for boy or girl is the gender. She was right with DS and we have the girl's name, but still working on a boy's.
  • I feel like Im having a girl and even though my husband really wants a boy he has a feeling its a girl and then we got the HB at 161 bpm. So well see! I keep thinking about girl! Id be happy either way!
  • I've been saying boy all along.
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  • I have a feeling it's a boy. I really want both, so it doesn't really matter, but I grew up with girls so it will be foreign to me! Heartbeat was 138, so that wives tale only supports my suspicion. My husband has a hand me down name, so it makes that decision easy
  • I have too many friends who have had an instinct and gotten their expectations really high and ended up being disappointed with the results (just bc they had pictured it the other way and were so sure!) 

    So I try really hard to picture it both ways and not have a gut feeling either way.  

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  • Not a feeling at all for me yet! I have a coworker that swears it's a girl. I've really always wanted a daughter, but after having 3 boys I don't want to get my hopes up! I swore my last baby was a girl, and we were all talking about it as they wheeled me to the OR. When my SO announced the sex, I thought he was kidding. Even if I thought this baby was a girl, I don't think I'd trust it for a minute.

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  • I'm thinking boy but I also think it might have something to do with "wanting" a boy so I'm trying not to think too much about it. DH thinks it's a boy too, though. We'll see before too much longer!


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  • I keep saying "he" so that makes me think subconsciously I am thinking boy.    My hubby thinks girl.   I will be finding out as soon as it's possible.
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  • I totally think girl, but who knows! I'm on team green, so I'll let you guys know in July ;-)
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  • I have a feeling it's a boy - but that's probably because we both want a boy. Also I've had no morning sickness and I haven't really been wanting any sweets lately at all - and I LOVE sweets (I even skipped the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!). Plus DH's family is all boys. And we can only agree on boy's names (sort of). On the other hand, I would be thrilled with a girl (we just bought a house and one of the rooms is purple with big windows and white trim and it would be perfect for a little girl!). 

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    All are welcome

  • I think it's a boy, because I am feeling the same way I did with my first pregnancy and I had a boy.   

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  • image gulickr:
    I totally think girl, but who knows! I'm on team green, so I'll let you guys know in July ;-)

    Yay Team Green!

    I don't have any idea either way.  But I can tell you what I want.  :)  I want a boy, H wants a girl.  Which I think is backwards for most couples.

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  • Well, now after hearing the heartbeat I for sure think it's a girl. HB was 170, that's super high, that has to mean girl right?!
  • well we picked out boy name but not girls yet. hubby wants girl cause he said he was trouble as kids which he really wasn't. I was good kid so he thinks good girl will come from me. However I have near teenager daughter who makes me lean towards boy lol she isnt bad just a mild stress inducer.

    I have dreams of baby shopping I cant tell the gender just that I am buying to much for one...freaking me out 


  • I have a strong feeling it's a girl.  I seem to have a mental block and that's all I can picture in my head. However, both my mom and mil have strong feelings it's a boy.  We will see! I'll be thrilled either way.
  • I've always wanted one of each, but have always imagined life with at least one daughter. My husband wants a boy, I'm hoping for a girl...but I have a very strong suspicion it's a boy. Like so strong, I would be SHOCKED to find out it's a girl. I keep calling it "he" and "him." No clue why I feel so strongly about it, other than boys run in his family...hardly any girls. Can't wait to find out :)

    Funny thing is, we only have a girl name in mind. No clue what to name a boy. 

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  • I too felt so strongly in my last pregnancy that I was carrying a boy and I was right.

    This pregnancy I don't know. Maybe a girl because I feel a little different from last time. I guess I don't care so maybe that's why I don't have an impulse. I'd love a brother for my son, but having a girl could be fun too. I wanted to be team green initially but I think I'm too impatient.

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  • I have days where I swear its a boy & days where I really don't feel that strongly either way. I always felt that i would have only boys so this may be a large factor in it. Hubby really thinks its a girl which would be awesome. Guess we will see.


  • I'm feeling like I will have another boy. I have one of each and was right both times even though all of the other "tests" said I would have the opposite sex. I'm not sure if I'm just hoping really hard that it's a boy this time around and that's what I'm feeling, or if I am really feeling a boy. I have my one little girl who is a total princess (and refers to herself as "Sleeping Beauty" regularly), so I'm not sure my sanity can handle two in the same house :)
  • I think we're having a girl this time. I felt DS would be a boy from the very beginning, and I was right about that, so I'm going with my gut again this time around.

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