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When do you plan to stop going out?

So it's Christmas season, and friends from overseas are visiting, meeting, gathering and everyone's busy shopping and all... 

I'm going into Week 39 and as a FTM I have no idea if I should continue going out and risk having my water break in public or should I just stay put at home for Week 39 and 40? Very tempted to continue meeting friends while I'm on maternity leave but a little worried that I might panic and scar them for life if my water breaks in front of them. Haha. 

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Re: When do you plan to stop going out?

  • I was out every day my 40th week getting my nails done, walking the mall, eating out with DH, etc. Of ALL of my friends and many cousins, not one has ever had their water break in public. I suppose it happens, but it isn't something I would worry so much about that it would keep me at home.
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  • Eek. Don't stay at home now. You'll be sick of your home by week 2 of having a newborn and be begging to get outside.

    Something like 10 or 12% of women have their labor start with their water breaking. So it's not that likely.

    Last time my water broke in the early morning while I was in bed.

    If it happens again and I'm out at something it'll be uncomfortable for me but why would it scar my friends? They'll be so freak'n excited that they were there when it happened.

  • I plan to stop going out when the baby actually comes.  I had 8 hours of contractions yesterday that lasted through walks, naps, cleaning, etc...  And they just kind of stopped after I went to bed for the night.  I'm 40 weeks tomorrow.  The baby could take another two weeks to get here.  I would go completely stir crazy if I was just sitting at home, waiting.
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  • I was going out until the night before I went into labor.  I went out to a friend's restaurant, came home around midnight, went to sleep, woke up at 9 am and my water broke--not a big gush, but more of a trickle. 

    TBH, I think you'll go stir crazy if you stop getting out just because you're worried about going into labor. You could still be looking at a couple weeks of pregnancy.  And for most women there is no big gush so even if your water did break while you were out it's unlikely it would cause an embarrassing scene.  ;)


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  • Babies dont have a timer.  Its not like its going to go DING baby is ready.  So go out enjoy yourself.  That baby will come out when they are ready to come out.

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  • HAHA :) Good one! Yeah going to take all your advice on this and get some Christmas shopping done! Yay
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  • Most women start having contractions before their water breaks - so I would say continue going out and enjoying time with friends. My worst mistake as a FTM was sitting in the house waiting for something to happen, it was exhausting! GL!!!
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  • With DS I was going to stores, so I could walk well past my due date. As long as you are feeling okay go out and see your friends. It would suck to be sitting at home knowing you are missing out on the visit and then end up not going into labor for another week or two.
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  • I won't stop moving until I'm in the hospital! I hope I scare some kids with my water breaking but from what I hear you'll more likely just look like you peed your pants and that's less scary and more funny for your friends.
  • WUT.

    I was walking up and down and all around the mall last night in hopes of getting something going. NO SUCH LUCK. There is no reason to hide away in your house. I would go completely mad if I did.


  • I will go out until the very end, if your water breaks in public, then it breaks in public.  Just keep a spare set of clothes in your car, change and move on.  If your friends are scarred for life due to your water breaking, then they have some serious issues.  Let them stay home if they don't want to "risk" it.  Even then, the chances of your water breaking as the very first symptom before contractions are pretty slim, it's actually not that common for that to happen.

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  • There's no way I would avoid going out in public for fear of my water breaking.  Only 10% of women start labor with their water breaking (and of that 10% not everyone gets the big gush), for the majority it happens much later on.  If it happens, it happens.  It's nothing to panic about and it's not like people won't understand what's going on.
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  • I don't - unless it's because I'm too tired to :) The chances of your water breaking as the first sign of labor, and it being a big dramatic gush, are so small. Usually it starts with mild contractions and you'll have plenty of time to get home and do whatever you need to.

    With DS1 at 40+ weeks I was no longer working but I went shopping, out to eat with DH, even went to a professional networking event where a friend of mine was speaking! I see no reason not to enjoy yourself up to the last minute.

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  • I am still out and about at 40+. Today is my last day of work before my leave starts. I am taking my exercise class, going for dinner, shopping till the end. I figure why not enjoy while it is just me?
  • While this is not likely to happen to me since I'm scheduled early for Monday morning, I did hear an awesome piece of advice on this. ALWAYS carry a water bottle in your hand when you're out shopping or lunching...then if your water DOES break, you can drop the water bottle and just say "oops! I totally dropped my bottle!" and then leave. And no one will know your water broke. :)

    Good luck! And take advantage of these last weeks if you're feeling good enough to be out and about. There's plenty of time at home in your future with baby. :)

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  • image AshleyLecker:
    I am still out and about at 40+. Today is my last day of work before my leave starts. I am taking my exercise class, going for dinner, shopping till the end. I figure why not enjoy while it is just me?

    Amen.  The only thing that's going to keep me from playing is really nasty winter weather, but that wold be true no matter my condition.  If you're concerned about your water breaking, then stick a maxipad in your purse.  It doesn't happen like on TV & in the movies in the overwhelming majority of women, after all. 

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  • I was out while in labor. We had plans, we weren't sure if it was true labor or not and we though the drive might help move things along. It was fine. We had lunch, all came home and had naps. We eventually had dinner and left for the hospital around 10 pm. I delivered at 1:15 am.

     I say go out with small emergency bag and enjoy your last few weeks. Overall labor is rarely a big OMG I am in labor right now. Labor starts slow and builds. You'll have lots of warning signs that you should either go home or go into the hospital.

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  • I have way too many things to get done to just sit at home waiting for this little guy!


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  • 8 days before my due date is my family Christmas party an hour drive away. I fully intend to be there unless obvously baby comes early. 6 days before my due date is my friend's New year Eve party. Again, I RSVPed yes, as long as baby girl isn't on her way. If anything I figure going out and doing things will be helpful opposed to sitting at home doing nothing those last few days.
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  • You could be sitting home for 3 weeks if you stop going out now!  
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  • DH just suggested a few days ago that I don't go out alone... I've still been going places in town (library with DS, grocery store, etc) But he'd rather I not go out to where the mall is- needing to take the highway- by myself. He brought up that if I start getting bad contractions, it would be hard to drive myself home from there...

    I for sure would go with your friends! And as others have been saying, go while you feel you can!


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  • Never..lol. Getting up and moving around is the best thing for you. If you go into labor while out then you will just have an awesome story to tell.
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  • Never.  I have to work and take care of my son.


    Even when the baby is here I won't stay home. You'll have doctor appointments and you'll want to get out of the house to run errands, visit people. 

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  • With my first, I was one of the "ones" whose water broke out of the blue in a gigantic gush without contractions.  I was at home, and it was early (35 weeks), so it wasn't embarassing.  It was so early that DD's head wasn't engaged in my pelvis and this, according to my OB, is why it was a huge gush and not a trickle.  It was all very surprising.

    Even with that experience, with my second pregnancy I was out and about until the day I went into the hospital.  If your water breaks - it breaks. Oh well.  Even if your water breaks, labor doesn't hit you like a ton of bricks most of the time.  Labor and delivery for FTMs is a gradual process.  My second L&D was only 3 hours, but it still wasn't a crazy "OMG, these contractions are going to kill me" from the moment it started.

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  • Just go out. It may well be your last chance for a while!

    FWIW only 10% of women have their water break at the beginning of labor.

  • It never occurred to me to stop going out.

    People think about this?


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  • Never... If I could go out "during" I would :D

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  • i plan to be walking until I have to push, and even then I might stand up!


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  • While my shopping is done (most of it online as usual) I have no plans to sit home.  I have to older kids that have basketball practice and games, school meetings etc. I have errands.  And I take finals 4 days before my DD.  Hoping I get my finals finished before she comes...
  • Im going against the majority of the women here and say Im going to stop going out, based on my experience with my first.  My water broke at 36 weeks, out of the blue without contractions.  And it wasnt a trickle, but a gush.  My husband stared at me and asked me if I was peeing myself.  I'll be mortified if that happened to me again out in public, so I'l definitly be sticking close to home in those last few weeks lol
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