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NGPR: Housekeepers

I used to judge the heck out of people that had housekeepers (thought they were lazy, etc), but my mom suggested recently that we get one. DH and I don't make a ton of money by any means, and we work normal 40hr/wk jobs, but both have HORRIBLE housekeeping skills.. I swear this house is always a pig sty. I've tried to change, but we've lived together 5 years, and if it hasn't changed yet, it probably won't Embarrassed I suck.

We're thinking of having someone come 1x/mo to do bathrooms, vaccuum, clean stove/sinks, dust, etc.

Does anyone have one? How much does yours cost (I know it will vary by region)? What do they do? How often do they come? Am I being completely ridiculous?



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Re: NGPR: Housekeepers

  • We have one.  She comes weekly and we pay $95.  She is amazing!  My house is always not the best, and I can't promise that everything is where it should be, but she puts everything back where it goes.  We used to dobyweekly, but when DS would get sick every two weeks, we were hoping the weekly cleaning would help.  

     I should add, we both work full time.  Dh works on Saturdays and the only family day we have is Sunday.  I don't want housework to affect the time we have as a family.


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  • honestly, they are a lifesaver. we are pretty messy and the place is spotless after she leaves. I always say I am going to keep it like that until the next time but it doesn't happen.

    ours comes every 2 weeks (but we are moving to a house so I will want someone every week). I don't know how much she costs because we are lucky that my MIL pays (its her housekeeper). she does everything from vacuuming, dusting, washing floor, straightening up, cleaning kitchen, bathrooms, changing sheets etc. the one thing I ask her not to do is the laundry, because DH (especially) and I have certain things that need to be done on certain cycles and I'd rather just do it myself then have to explain everything.

    I get what you mean, but its not like she is going to come everyday (like in in laws have, she makes them dinner everyday too). once a week or once every 2 weeks is a really nice treat after working so enjoy!! 

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  • We have one and love it - have for about a year and it's a huge help.  She comes every other week and we pay $75 each time (she's my friends aunt otherwise it would be more).  She does bathrooms, vacuuming, sweep/mop and then general tidying up.  It's worth every penny to me.  DH and I both work full time and my commute including pick up and drop off at day care is about 50 min each way, so any extra family time we can get we take! 

  • Do you all use a private person or a company? Where did you find them?

    Just trying to figure out where to start :)



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  • ours is my in-laws, but everyone I know that has one is from recommendations from theirs. ALWAYS make sure to get references from past clients. you need to be able to trust that person.
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  • DH and I have a housekeeper and we LOVE her!!! She has been with us for three years and she is like family. She comes once a week and cleans our entire house, does our laundry and and anything else we need. We have become very close to her and her family. It was the best decision ever!!!


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  • We don't have one, but my Grandmother and MIL have a lady that comes in once every other week. She charges $17 an hour, but is a yoga/pilates instructor so she works super fast! It usually only takes 1.5 hours to clean my grandma's 2 bed/1 bath duplex. 

    My MIL uses her to do all the deep cleaning stuff she just doesn't want to do anymore. After raising 5 kids, and working full time, I can't blame her for not wanting to clean anymore! :P
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  • We are in a very similar situation and got a once a month housekeeper last year. LOVE! She cleans everything but the guest beds in 3 hours and charges 45 for that time. I found her in our local paper and she does not have a key to the house, but I feel comfortable leaving while she's here.

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  • We have someone who comes once a week, for several hours. She does pretty much everying except laundry, and stays until she's done. DH has known her for about 12 years, so we get a ridiculously good deal ($60/week for a two bedroom apartment). I don't know how he originally found her. We trust her completely and she has a key to our house.

    We both work a lot and are exhausted when we do have down time. Our quality of life has dramatically increased since she started, and our bickering has dramatically decreased! 

  • If you dont think you can afford one I recentlt read something that might help.

    Do a little bit every day; meaning do the dishes every night after dinner, do at least one load of laundry a day (wake up 10 mintues early and fold it in the morning) and before you go to bed tighty up the livinging room (dont leave anything in there that does not belong)

    I am kind of OCD so these things happen minus the laundry. I like having a clean house and hate my weekends consumed with chores. We both work like crazy so it sucks and SO is always tired. But by doing these little things throughout the week I can then clean the floors one weekend, clean the bathrooms another and really only spend an hour or two cleaning.

    Laundry is a B!TCH and there no way around it...

    On the flip side of this if I could force myself to spend the money I sooo would do it

  • Until recently we had my sister come once a week.  She cleaned the bathroom (shower, sink, floor, toilet), the kitchen (floor, sink, oven) vacuumed, dusted and changed the sheets on our bed. 

    We paid her $150 a month.  She spent a few hours each week.  

    We really don't make very much money, but we made it work because it was great for us.  But she's pregnant and didn't feel up to it anymore.  I have the time to clean with only working part time so I do it know, but I don't clean everything every week like she did.  

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  • I actually am my mom's housekeeper. So I don't judge at all. She is unable to keep her home clean anymore do to her schedule and life now. I go in twice a month and do all the dishes, vacuum and dust. I do a general pick up too. I charge wayyyy less than a housekeeper though. She's lucky I love her!

    VITA - there are a lot of Groupons out there for housekeeping. You can buy one to try out that particular company. We have a favorite company now after buying several. We are going to use that company to do a deep clean on our house right before the baby comes. That way when we come home from the hospital, our home will be spotless :)



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  • We got one when I started getting big with my pregnancy with DS.  I'm a bit of a clean freak and I couldn't get everything done.  Our cleaning lady comes every other week for $80.  She does all the floors and bathrooms, dust and changes the sheets.  I still clean all the time but because DH and I work full time and have DS I found by the time I did the basic chores (clean kitchen, laundry etc) there was never enough time/energy to do the floors.  It has been a big help to my sanity.
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  • I want one so bad but DH would never go for it. My parents and ILs have never had one so he doesn't think we need one. If you could swing it I would totally do it.




  • We have one, and she is awesome. We only have her come 1x per month though. DH and I are both pretty clean and keep up the house, but hate the little things like dusting all the blinds, washing windows, cleaning the fridge/oven, etc., as well as really deep deep cleaning the bathrooms. She spends 4 hours or so here once per month doing the more involved stuff and really deep cleans. We just keep it up until the next time - light obvious dusting, sweeping, light bathroom cleaning (toilet, wiping down counters, light shower cleaning).

    Without a dog anymore, and just being the 2 of us, it works well. Once a kid is thrown in the mix, we'll have her come probably every other week. We pay her $100. I don't know how I found her, but it is an insane deal. Other quotes I got were $200 or so. Nutso.

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  • Thanks everyone! I think we're going to go for it. It's something we can afford, and will help our sanity and relationship (seriously, the only things we actually argue about are cleaning related. Cleaning lady is cheaper than therapy, right Wink )

    Thanks for the tip to look on groupon.. I'll have to keep my eye out there. Unfortunately, no one we know has a housekeeper, so I can't get recommendations there.

    I'm getting excited now! :)



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