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Contractions? Braxton Hicks? Or What?

I am 37 weeks tomorrow and the past two night I get this menstrual like cramping feeling in the area between your hip bones and under your belly. It starts off as the menstrual cramps "I'm about to start my period" and then after a little bit the pain gets so bad that it takes my breath away and even stops me dead in my tracks if I'm walking and if I'm laying in bed I cant seem to move my legs or the pain gets worse. this severe pain seems to be mainly on one side. After a bit it goes back to the I'm about to start my period uncomfortable feeling and I feel sick at my stomach and then the severe pain starts up again. It does this for about an hour, the most two before it finally quits. I don't know what this is. Anyone else experiencing this? 

Re: Contractions? Braxton Hicks? Or What?

  • I am personally not experiencing these types of things just yet (only 28 wks) but from what my doctor was telling me as a general rule BH contractions don't hurt, or if they do its never more then a small twinges and usually that's only if your being to active and if you put your feet up the BH contractions should lesson to a no hurt situation fairly quickly. I would say that you are having contractions but as a FTM I don't have enough experience to really know for sure, but if you are concerned it never hurts to call the local nurse line or go in and have them check you and the baby out! 

    Good luck ^^ 

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  • I agree with PP, definitely sounds like false labor. I'd been having the same thing a few days ago and was freaking out at first.

    Dr. said all was good and that I was just having some false labor pains and to not worry about it unless they were obviously time able contractions or my water broke. I am still crampy all the time now but the more severe pains eventually subsided. 

    If you're really worried about it, best bet always is to call your Dr. They're the only ones that know you and your particular case. GL!!  

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  • Yeah sounds like contractions to me. :) Although if they are not consistent and are to far apart, Its probably the early stages of labor. Those are the ones that usually hurt the most and take the longest. People call those false labor, but they are anything but false. I was in the false labor for a couple of days. Mine felt like that and got worse. We went to the hospital a couple times thinking it was the real thing, but was sent home. Definitely call your doctor, they will tell you what to do. I would also start to time them. 
  • I have this all the time... Starts then quits and over and over again. My dr says its perfectly normal but if they begin to be timable to come in. I have yet been able to time them because to me it's constant then boom its gone. So weird. Lol. But I do feel what you're going through.
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