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We just came back from DD's well visit and she did really well. I posted her stats in the thread for it below, so I won't bore anyone with that.

I didn't realize that her pedi holds off on the MMR until age 2. TWO! She did get a flu shot and a round of HiB, but I was expecting an MMR shot at 12 or 15 mos. I think I like this, and that's one reason why I picked this doctor, because he draws that vaccines out more than the typical schedule. I work with kids with autism and I know the signs to watch out for, and DD gives me no concern at all. I'm also in the camp that the vaccines have no correlation with autism prevalence either. However, him giving her the MMR at age 2 eliminates that correlation completely, since autism presents itself by age 12-18 months. Any thoughts? Do your pediatricians do things similarly?

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Re: Shots

  • Ours does not do this, but we do it on our own b/c I prefer to spread them out. It has nothing to do w/ autism. 

    I actually have to sign a form saying I refuse to follow the CDC schedule.  

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  • We go by what the military clinic says, and that included MMR at 12mo.

    We go tomorrow for 15mo, and the list says DTap, HiB, and Varicella.

    I have a friend who either hasn't done any or is really spacing them out - the doctors at the military clinic always give her a hard time about it, but she's not concerned.

    I stick with the schedule in case I need to use the base child care centers - they HAVE to be up to date on vaccinations. And since DH and I will be separated for almost two months while he's in training and I won't know anyone at our new station, I need to have that option.

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  • Nope, I appreciate that my doctor goes by the CDC guidelines, which is my preference for vaccinations.
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  • We do the same as Lala - maybe it is our area, I am also in a Philly Burb.

    Dd only got the MMR at her 15 mth well visit. We go back in Jan for more.

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