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Just saw my Dr. and he said my Placenta is to close to my Cervix and and i need to go back for another ultra sound in 4 weeks to see if it will move on its own..if it doesn't i may not be able to deliver naturally!!! :( He said don't worry it usually does move but i just need to be aware.. <sigh> 


On the bright side i get to see her again the day after Christmas! 

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Re: Placenta...

  • I'm in the same boat as you.  We get to see the little man again on the 27th.  My doc didn't seem worried as she said this is pretty common and most likely the placenta will move up.  Hope we both get good results, and enjoy seeing your LO again!
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    Can't wait to meet baby Liam Paul!
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  • i have complete placenta previa so i'll prob. end up with a csec...  if yours is just close to it you have a better change of it moving as baby and tummy grow but you get bonus ultrasounds!! yay!!
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  • I had the same thing with DD an it was free and clear by the next ultrasound. I do remember worrying a bit, but I got an extra ultrasound out of the deal, which was nice! 

  • 3 weeks ago they told me mine was covering my cervix. We went back last week and it had already moved into a great spot! I'm sure both of you will be fine, there is still a lot of time for it to correct itself.
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  • Not too uncommon.  I had it with DD, it moved up on its own as my belly got bigger which is what usually happens.  The bonus is that you get extra u/s to check!
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  • Thanks everyone for the re assurance! :)
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  • I had a partial previa at my 14 week appointment, and it had moved up to just a low-lying placenta by my 18 week appointment.  It is apparently common to have this problem in early to mid pregnancy, and it usually just resolves itself as your uterus grows!  I'm hoping to have it out of the way at my appointment next week!
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  • ::sighs:: me too. I have a complete previa right now so I go back on the 18th to see if it has moved any. If not then I'll be dismissed from my birth center to an OB and we'll be looking at a c-sec around 38/39w.

    I am BEYOND thrilled and grateful that the baby is healthy and doing well. It was such a desire of mine to give birth med free/naturally since we couldn't get KU on our own. Everything has been so medically intervened. Now looks like our delivery will be too. Rats. As long as baby gets here full term that is all that matters.

    But still, rats. I was hoping to do something natural Confused

    Glad to know there are a few of us in the same boat. Well you know, not really glad. But at least we can get through it together.


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  • I too have a low-lying placenta currently, but it's really the least of my concerns.  I hope that everyone's moves up.
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  • Mine was a partial, too.  I go back at 24wks on Dec. 13th for an U/S too.  My doc said pretty much the same thing: could move up otherwise c-section.   Also my doc said NO SEX (pelvic rest) at least until next appt  just to make sure there is no chance of damage to the placenta.  It freaked my husband out... not sure if he will even want to do it again till after baby.

    Hoping everyone's moves on up!

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  • Same issue here too. Just had u/s yesterday and I go back for another regular one in 4 weeks. However dr saw cyst on babys brain. Have to go Monday morning for a special sono,  trying not to stress. Short notice so hubby can't join me, not that he has for any of the u/s but then again it's our 3rd and his boss is kind of a jerk.
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