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Sippy Cups

My DD has been using the NUK learner cup since about 6 months and has used it exclusively since about 9 months.  Needless to say, I need to replace the nipples at least thanks to her chewing on them a bit.  I am curious if we should just replace the nipples on these or should we be looking at more"big girl" cups?  Our pedi just said to use what she likes, but I am afraid we'll spend money on them and then be told to go to a hard spout or more of a cup in a few months.  What do you ladies think?  TIA!
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Re: Sippy Cups

  • Personally, I would switch to the hard spout. Especially if she is biting the soft spouts. DD was biting them, which obviously causes them to leak, and so we switched to a playtex hard spout cup with no issues! JMO though.
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  • For my girls, once they start chewing through the spouts I switch to harder spouts. At that point I get concerned about them biting off a piece and choking on it. DD1 learned with that Nuk cup, then moved on to the Playtex First Sipsters at about a year and did fine.
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  • LO never took a bottle for me so when we introduced the cup ( i think around 6/8 months old) we did the Playtex Grippers straw cup and that worked great for us and now she uses the Playtex hard spout one. Hope that helps.

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