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What they didn't disclose in "What to expect"....something other bumpies can relate to I'm

So, I know that they said that it is likely you could experience more gas and burping in pregnancy, but seriously.......I could out gas an entire school bus of high school boys. This is starting to get disgusting!

Re: What they didn't disclose in "What to expect"....something other bumpies can relate to I'm

  • Haha. Sometimes I gross out DH.  But then I just blame it on the baby! :)
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  • Agreed. The other night I bent over to untie my shoes and farted and belched at the same time and I started laughing hysterically. My SO just laughs.
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  • On Monday, I had really horrible gas and every time I went into the ladies room to do something about it, there were always people there. I held it which was NOT a good idea.  I got home and was in horrible pain.  I laid on the floor for a while rolling hip to hip to try to get things moving along, did some pelvic rocks, etc.  Things finally got a move on pretty much right when DH walked in the room.  I just gave him a silly grin but I think he was pretty horrified.  I sheepishly explained why it was so plentiful and he said that being a woman must suck some days. Guys just let it all out!  lol.  That sounds like a much better idea.  
  • Seriously, I can clear a room and I learner it is much easier to say sorry to the people around me than to hold it in. Although I let one rip last night and seconds later my sisters new BF came in. I was mortified but he said he had smelled worse (which made me more embarrassed). I guess he probably has since he is a coroner.
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  • I hear you...I thought it was just me but I'm happy to read that there are other expecting moms with the same issue.  When my co-workers and friends have shared pregnancy experiences, none of them mentioned horrible gas.  But now I'm thinking they were kindly omitting it. 
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