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to switch daycare or not...

We have been at the same center since the start so 3yrs now.  Lately I am not in love with it.  Their numbers are down so they have staff leave earlier and after school kids (6-7 y/os) are spending 3.5hrs with my 3 yr old.  I told them that I find this less then ideal and their solution is to put her and 1 friend in with the toddlers.  This isn't great to me either, it's not age appropriate play and yes it's free time but..I also feel a bit of disconnect from the staff.  I have an 18mos old there as well and I feel like his teacher, who is SUPER sweet is not physically able to chase after them.

So I visited another center and fell in love with it.  It has all the things that I've found my center to be lacking and the staff seem great.  I look them up on the Department of Health and they have many violations for things like cleaning products in unlocked cabinets, mold found on fridge, fridge not at correct temp, clogged toilet.  For a week now I've been going back and forth in my mind and then the visit last night had sealed the deal.  I really inspected the place it seemed clean and then I come home to read this and I'm at a loss.  Would you let this change your mind?  I have put a call in to the director in hopes of some explanation.


Re: to switch daycare or not...

  • How long ago were the violations? Were they under the same management? It would make me very wary but not a complete deal breaker if there were solid changes that rectified the violations... like a new director, new procedures, etc.
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    I look them up on the Department of Health and they have many violations for things like cleaning products in unlocked cabinets, mold found on fridge, fridge not at correct temp, clogged toilet.  

    Eh, maybe, maybe not for these types of violations. Basically the list of rules DCs have to be in compliance with is huge. It's damn near impossible to get off without any kind of violation ever. Clogged toilet? That could have happened the morning of the visit and they hadn't gotten around to fixing it yet. Not a biggie for me, unless it's the one toilet in the entire center, which I highly doubt. Cleaning products in unlocked cabinets is actually much more common than you'd think. They usually mean a high cabinet that a kid can't reach anyway, but there should still be a working lock. At my DC, our keys were always going missing, so I frequently had unlocked top cabinets. So depending on circumstances, that may or may not bother me if they had addressed it after they got the violation. Same with the refrigerator. Mold can sometimes happen even in my house and I think I"m a fairly clean person. They may not have noticed and as long as they took care of the problem after, I wouldn't hold it against them.

    But, if you see violations for the same thing over and over, then yes, I'd assume they weren't a clean center. A single incident with a fridge or toilet here and there is general upkeep stuff that happened to be noticed during an inspection. Repeatedly being told to clean the fridge and not complying, not good.

  • Thanks everybody!  I can't totally figure out how the state's documentation works..I don't have access to every visit.  However, in regards to the cleanliness of the bathroom they state that the center didn't follow it's plan of action which was developed from a 2006 visit.  I read into the rest a little further and the cleaning products were in an unlocked cabinet above the k class sink.. That's better then the ground level cabinet I had envisioned.  They have 2 toilets per classroom so I guess one clogged toilet isn't that big of a deal.  Might I also add that they documented one little potty filled with urine for 3 hrs and when it was dumped it wasn't sanitized...A new director has filled the position just this week.  I can imagine there are tons of things to abide by it's just that I reviewed so many other centers' reports and this place has the longest one!  BUT..I really liked the place! What to do?
  • Does your state have an option where you can call and talk to the person from the dept of health who does the inspections to get a understanding of what the exact violations where and their general impression of the center? 

    When I was looking for an in-home daycare the violations flat out scared me becasue they were put into general categories.  When I talked to the person who did the inspections and wrote the violations, I found out that they were really minor things.

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