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Miscarried, HCG levels rising

I found out on 11/09 that I was miscarrying. I was 7wks5days, HCG levels were 6467 and the ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac. I spotted for a few days, and had heavy to moderate period like bleeding for about a week, and have continued to spot very lightly ever since. I had a blood draw on 11/19 and my levels were 8946, and my blood draw from yesterday was 10209. My doctor seemed very confused and wants me to come in on Thursday for an ultrasound to see if everything passed. Has anyone experienced something similar? What ended up happening? I just want to move on. I was finally starting to feel better and then this I was hit with this today.

Re: Miscarried, HCG levels rising

  • They told me that the levels will continue to rise as long as their is pregnancy tissue in the uterus.  I guess it's possible you could need a d&c?  I think doing an ultrasound to see if anything else visually is going on is a very good next step.  
    I also did read about having an ectopic + empty sac although it's rare.  

    My levels are higher than they were Friday so it's really weird to know I don't have a baby there but that i'm technically still pregnant.

    Good luck! 

  • Ditto what PP said.  As long as there's still tissue, I think HCG levels will rise.  Hang in there. I know how frustrating it is.
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  • I had a miscarriage in September, opted to take Cytotec at home to start my period and rid my body of the pregnancy.  BAD IDEA!  My HCG levels started around 12,000 and stopped decreasing around 350 (last blood draw was before Thanksgiving).  Now I have to go to the OB and she will probably refer me to a pelvic specialist.....what does this mean?  

    I, like you, just want to move on but it is so incredibly difficulty when you are being poked and prodded every two weeks for blood tests and then when you think things are going "well' (b/c what do you know....this has never happened to you before), the s*$t hits the fan.  I'm starting to get angry with my doctor because they never mentioned the option of a D&C (I was 8-9 weeks) after the miscarriage.

  • I was daignosed with a blighted ovum on October 18, I chose to  take the cyotec and went home. I took the first dose nothing happened, took the second dose sooner then the DR recomended because the first dose didnt work. I had what I though was my m/c and passed everything. fast foward 6 days later and I was at walmart and felt a pop and a gush. Got to the bathroom and I was passing clots and bleeding  everywhere. Managed to get home and was told to come in if it got worse.I went to bed and waited at home for my appointment the next day ( not a smart choice) I went to my DR the next morning and found through U/S that I hadnt passed my sack and still had alot of tissue left inside. I was rushed to the hospital and had an emergency D&C. My point is, its still quite possible that you have tissue left over and didnt have a complete M/C and thats why your numbers are going up. Im so sorry, I know how badly you want to move on and this isnt helping. * HUGS*
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  • Mine did something similar.  It's been several months, so I can't remember exactly what they were at first, but they were at a good level when the doctor first suspected a miscarriage.  Then they dipped, but not significantly, within 48 hours.  Then they increased again.  I was over 9 weeks by then, so without the ultrasound, they weren't sure if I was plateauing as can be expected around 8 weeks or really what was going on.  She said that it was a bit strange.

    I wound up needing a D&C because I was pushing 10 weeks, but the baby was only measuring 6w2d when it all started and had actually been absorbed by the sac by that point.  An ultrasound will help clear things up.  

    For me, the rising HCG levels were both confusing and encouraging and came right after I had accepted everything.  They did an ultrasound on me, thought that they saw a heartbeat just off the screen, and rushed me to a clearer ultrasound. Sadly, we didn't find out that it had been absorbed until a full 24 hours later because the tech couldn't show us the screen, so it was a complete roller coaster.   

    Like PPs have said, it's likely tissue that's still in there.  Hang in there.  The uncertainty is the worst part.   


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