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Flu shot pressure!

Are there a lot of you ladies getting the flu shot? My doctor has really been putting the pressure on but I  am really nervous about it. I have never had it and never had the flu. A girl I work with who is also preggo also never had it, got it, and ended up sick the other week. 

Just wondering what others are doing or not doing and thoughts on this... 

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Re: Flu shot pressure!

  • Very controversial subject on here...

    Have decided not to get one as I am not 100 percent comfortable with it and neither is my husband.  I think I'm in the minority but when it comes down to the decision, it's your body and totally up to you.  Don't let anyone sway you one way or the other.

  • Honestly I didn't really want it either and had no plans to get it. But.....the only rreason I got it was because my husband ask me to get it. I only agreed because it is his child as well. (even though I knew it was going to make me sick)
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  • Yes, you will get lots of different thoughts on this. I am a first time mom and a teacher. I have never gotten the flu shot before and can't remember the last time I had the flu, maybe 9th grade? lol but My doctor really wanted me to get it so I trusted him and his medical knowledge and got one. I was SO SO nervous about getting sick FROM the shot, I had a preggo friend get sick from it the week before, but no side effects. Thank god! Only you can make the decision that is right for you. Good luck!
  • I've gotten the flu shot twice - one year when a family member was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatments, and they asked that everyone visiting have a flu shot, and once this year because of the pregnancy.  Never had an adverse reaction to it.  No big deal at all, for real.  I don't think a generally healthy adult really needs the flu shot each year (unless you tend to get the flu each year or whatever), but our immune systems are compromised by pregnancy, plus the shot helps protect LO.  Not to mention with the list of meds we aren't supposed to have, I would really REALLY not want the flu this year.
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  • I got it, my husband got it and our 2 year old son got it.  Everyone is doing fine and no one has gotten the flu yet this season.
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  • I got it and haven't had the first sniffle.
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  • image DJS0312:

    Very controversial subject on here...

    Have decided not to get one as I am not 100 percent comfortable with it and neither is my husband.  I think I'm in the minority but when it comes down to the decision, it's your body and totally up to you.  Don't let anyone sway you one way or the other.



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  • Most people don't have any side effects. It sucks if you do get them, but it would be worse to get the flu. Also the shot protects LO after birth and we will still be in flu season then so that's important to consider. If not for yourself, do it for baby.
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  • I got it three weeks ago and have felt fine.  I also had never gotten the shot or the flu before so I was nervous but my doctor talked me into it.  He said the flu is extremely dangerous to the babies health so I ended up getting it and I'm glad I did! 
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  • I have gotten the flu shot for as long as I can remember. I have always had a weak immune system. Last year I forgot to get it and of course got the flu. It was horrible. My husband said he has never seen anyone throw up that much in one day. I got the shot already this year, no side effects from it. And the baby will receive benefit when born. I never knew so many people believed in herd mentality or have such strong opinions about vaccinations till TB.
  • I got it but I work with a lot of older people who I don't want to pass anything to if I can help it and I also work with a lot of people in general. I mean, it doesn't protect you against every flu, so, you may still get sick. I didn't have a reaction to the shot at all.

    Really, it's up to you. If you don't want it, don't get it.
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  • I got the shot last year when I was pregnant with DD1. I did feel sick after. It wasn't as bad as a full blown flu and I felt fine the rest of flu season. I plan on getting it again very soon. Even if you do have a reaction, I think it's better to get the shot because most likely, you won't get the flu at all - and the reaction (in myself and my DH anyway) isn't as bad as having the flu for a couple days. Plus, like PP pointed out, would you want the flu while you're pregnant and can hardly take any medication? And of course, it will pass on to the baby and that's reason enough for me. Our little family was pretty healthy this past year, so I don't see a reason to not get it again.

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  • nope not getting it. But thatvis just me :0)
  • I get mine every year, I work with the elderly and a lot of immunocomprimised people adn would hate to get them sick. I never have had a reaction to the shot, and havent had the flu in 4 years, I used to get it every year.
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  • I got mine done for first time; and I've been sick.  It's not a cure-all sorta thing.  Being pregnant our immune systems are weakened; I can only imagine how sick I would have been if I didn't get it.  When it comes to pregnancy, I'm not the expert, I do what my doctors suggest.
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  • I always get sick after vaccines, I am sick right now actually because I got my flu shot. My OB wanted me to do it and lots of my co workers have little kids. I would rather not feel awesome for a few days than have the full blown flu.
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  • I got mine months ago and had no side effects. Having had the flu before, I did not want to take any risks - it is the WORST.

    If you are concerned, make sure you get the injection, and not the nasal spray. The injection is "deactivated". Also, ask for the mercury-free version.

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  • I have never had the flu before in my life and never had a flu shot either but our immune systems aren't as strong when we are pregnant so I got the flu shot this year. 
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  • I think you need to look at the reasons why you are against getting it, then speak with your doctor specifically about those reasons.


  • image sdemilio1231:
    I got it three weeks ago and have felt fine.  I also had never gotten the shot or the flu before so I was nervous but my doctor talked me into it.  He said the flu is extremely dangerous to the babies health so I ended up getting it and I'm glad I did! 


    I've never had the flu, but I don't want to take any chances with LO getting it or me getting it and being frickin miserable with not being able to take drugs. And I have noticed that my immune system was not as strong as normal since I got pregnant. Both DH and I got it in October and felt fine, no ill side effects.

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  • I get one every year at work anyway.  I've never had an adverse reaction or "gotten sick" from the shot.  Plus, with the research coming out this year that women who get the flu while pregnant have higher incidents of autism...I felt like it was taking more of a chance not getting it.

    That being said, I think it's a personal decision that you make when you have information from your health care provider.    

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  • I've usually gotten one, and the only time I ever got sick from it, I remember I had a slight cold at the time of my shot. That is usually the reason people get sick from the flu shot- they already have an existing issue that their immune system is fighting. Knowing our immune systems are slightly weakened being pregnant, I did not want to take the chance of being pregnant and having the full-blown flu, especially (like other posters have stated) with the list of medications we are not permitted to take. I decided to risk a few possible days of ickiness for the benefit of not getting the actual flu. I got my shot late October and have not experienced any side effects.

  • I can only speak from my experience. I never had the flu shot in the past and never planned on getting one. After a lot of consideration I decided to get it....and I'm glad I did. I had no bad reation at all and haven't been sick. I feel better knowing that I am better protected as is my lil peanut! 
  • My husband and I got it.  I haven't had the flu shot in probably 5+ years and my husband never has.  We've both had flus as kids but decided to get it since a) I'm pregnant and my immune system is weaker and b) being pregnant my allergy pills are on the no-no list and ALL of the ickies I get ALWAYS stem from allergies.  We've been fine, no reactions, glad we did it.
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  • This was my first year getting one and my doctor recommended my husband and immediate family also get one and the TDAP (whooping cough shot) since it is an epidemic in WA state.  I got mine at 16 weeks.  Ive never had one before and i didnt have any side effects and feel fine and the baby is doing great.  Its a personal choice, but Im glad I did it.
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  • I got it this year, I don't think DH did. I also got it the year I was pregnant with DS 1. I am a teacher and am exposed to every germ there is. I can't imagine being out of commission for a week or more with the flu; having to write sub plans, worry about my classroom, take care of a toddler, make sure he gets back and forth to day care, etc. No way.

    I believe you only get sick from the flu shot if you've already been exposed to the flu prior to the shot. 

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  • My doc told me to get one too. But im choosing not to. Ive never had one and have the same fears. But I also can't even remember the last time I had the flu it had to be years ago. And even over my lifetime i've only had it a few times. I rarely even have a cold, so im trusting my immune system on this one. My gut just says don't get one.
  • I have had it both pregnancies and my family including my DD gets one every year.  We never get sick. If your friend got sick it is more than likely a coincidence. 



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