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Root Canal??

So today I went to the dentist because I was having tooth pain. They said that when they did a filling that it was really close to the root and I'm probably going to need a root canal. They also said that they will probably have to wait until I have the baby. How will I be able to deal with that pain for 3 months?? Anyone ever have something like this when pregnant?

Re: Root Canal??

  • I'm no dentist, but the pain will subside when the root dies.  For me, it was really bad for a few days (we had just moved and I didn't have a dentist) and then just stopped.  

    I hope it stops hurting soon!  Tooth pain is the worst.  :( 

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  • I haven't had to have a root canal while pregnant, but I've had a couple root canals and they're not as bad as they sound.  But my dr. did write a note at the beginning of my pregnancy to give to my dentist for any work that needed to be done, including root canals.  If you really don't want to wait the 3 months and your dentist won't do it, I'd get a note from your dr and find another dentist. 

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  • I am 20 weeks and actually just got a root canal several weeks ago.   I have known that I needed one since July :) but waited until I was out of my 1st trimester.  My OB told me that it would NOT hurt the baby to get the work done even in the 1st trimester but said that most dentist will not work on pregnant women in 1st trimester b/c of possible liability.   My OB said it was better to get the work done than wait.  This was in case infection spread to your bone or into your blood and this could hurt the baby.

     My root had already died so I was in pain for a few days back in July.  But was lucky and had no pain or problems since then.  Without pain, I even questioned waiting until the baby was born to get it worked on.  Yet, I am super glad I got the work done and have it out of the way now.  Little to no pain after the root canal work- I think I took like 2-3 tylenol to help.  I would double check with another dentist or even your OB to see if they would approve the root canal work with how far you are along.  I would just hate to keep waiting and the pain gets worse.  

  • As a dentist's kid, get it taken care of. You don't want to deal with the pain or the infection that can result when the nerve dies. If your dentist won't do it, find a new one.
  • I would try to get it taken care of asap like PPs said.  I've been having tooth issues and my doctor said that 2nd trimester is the best time to get any necessary dental work done.  He also stated that the risk of infection caused by tooth issues is the biggest threat to the baby.  Moreso than the risk of any procedure.
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  • I just had a root canal last December and I was pregnant with my DD. It went fine. I felt ZERO pain and it's just like getting a filling only it takes a little longer. I would say do it. I was so happy that I did. I was in the dental field for years, and if you don't take care of it, you can get a really bad infection that could possibly harm the baby or your heart. GL.


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    As a dentist's kid, get it taken care of. You don't want to deal with the pain or the infection that can result when the nerve dies. If your dentist won't do it, find a new one.



  • Thanks for the tips! I went in this morning as an emergency because it hurt so bad. They said I came just in time because the infection was terrible and it could have gone to the blood stream soon. I'm feeling sore but better!!!
  • I had a root canal if 1st trimester.  Doctor said it was fine with minor modifications--no nitrous (laughing gas) and novicaine with no epinephrine.  I survived just fine and was relieved to be done with the pain!
  • I've had TWO root canals in the last 3 weeks, and neither one is completed yet! I'm going to complete one before the end of the year and then wait to complete the second one after the baby arrrives. My OB office faxed me a list of medications that were acceptable and I just gave them to my dentist. Besides the time factor, it wasn't bad at all.
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  • I'm a dental nurse and see pain commonly when working. It's best not to have I me to have injections when pregnant which is why they say wait. If it causes too much pain you can take antibiotics to ease this pain which are totally safe. Although not recommended, you can have injections however so if pain gets unbearable dont worry! You can still have it done if you want, they just have to use a different anaesthetic :
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