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Thinking of using cloth diapers for baby #2

My daughter is 4 and I exclusively used disposable diapers. They are SO expensive and I've always wanted to try cloth diapers as they are supposed to be better for baby, environment and wallet. Baby #2 isn't due until June but I figure it's never to soon to start exploring my options. I have no idea where to start though, and I need a lot of help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Re: Thinking of using cloth diapers for baby #2

  • There's a good FAQ link at the top of the board.  A lot of what will work for you depends on your budget & the baby's size/shape, plus some is just personal preference.  I've heard prefolds and/or fitteds with covers work best for the newborn poop.

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  • Hopefully you're in an area where there is a local cloth diapering store. Sign up for a (free) class there to see the diapers first hand. Then you can see a variety of options. Some online companies offer rentals for newborns and you might get a variety in that pack. Search craigslist for people getting rid of their stashes then you can start with a variety of diapers for cheap and learn what ones you like and sell the rest on CL again.

    I love my prefolds with covers. They were very inexpensive and easy to use with a snappi fastener (not safety pins). I've gone through a bunch of different soaps to find out what worked for my DD and we have finally settled with Charlie's soap and have not had the bad rash like she used to have quite often. I also have a bunch of Rumparooz that are awesome and I use those when she needs to be in a diaper longer (unfortunately) or during nap.


  • Look up the Cloth Diapering 101 on YouTube. She helps a lot with describing the different options.
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    Look up the Cloth Diapering 101 on YouTube. She helps a lot with describing the different options.

    I second YouTube.  There are tons of videos about various diapers.  I also recommend the FAQ link on here and just lurking on this board.  I learned alot just from doing that.  I also used disposables on my first and just started using cloth with my second.  I love it so far!

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