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Anatomy Scan...Finally have appt for tomorrow!

Hello Ladies! So we did an elective u/s at 16 weeks to find out gender, which they said was a boy. I keep dreaming the tech was wrong and that I am really having a girl. Which wouldn't upset me since we have 2 girls already, so I would know what to expect....but tomorrow is my appt for anatomy scan so we can see how baby is measuring and all...I am so excited and so nervous for some reason. (3rd time around you think I'd be fine) DH cannot attend u/s with me due to his boss being a jerk all the time, but my girlfriend is going with me so that's a plus. I hate being alone at the sonograms. Hope all you ladies are doing well :)

Re: Anatomy Scan...Finally have appt for tomorrow!

  • I'm right there with ya!  Mine is tomorrow as well - and we had a surprise US at 16 weeks, so we know we're having a boy too.  If for some reason we find out the first one was wrong - we're screwed because I've basically told everyone and we painted the room a grayish blue!  

    I hope all goes well for you tomorrow and glad your friend could accompany you :)   

  • Hope yours goes well. Mine was good, still have a little man in there. Dr says there are cysts on babys brain which I went through with my 1st daughter. Thank goodness I have been through this before but still stressed.
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