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Irritating Comment - VENT!!

So get this...I'm at work this morning and two of my girlfriends are over visiting me at my desk. As they are chatting with me I'm sitting here touching and watching my stomach as baby was moving and it's so fascinating for me to watch and feel her doing this. I LOVE it actually. One of my friends who is 23 and has never been pregnant (so can't possibly understand) decides to comment on how I'm always touching my stomach and looking at it in a jokey but judging way which the more I think of it pisses me off because why dont you come back and judge me for this when your pregnant. If you aren't interested in what's happening inside of your body that's fine but I am. And it's not like I sit here all day and get nothing done...I just periodically when she's moving like to touch. Anyways I'm sure i dont have to justify myself to you all but I'm just really irritated by it is all. GRRRRR!!!!

Re: Irritating Comment - VENT!!

  • I would just laugh at her.  Being pregnant is the only time it is acceptable to rub your belly, so go for it!


  • I second this, she doesn't know how AWESOME it is to grow a little person, so let her be snide, and laugh it off. When she goes through it she'll do that same. 
    If it bothers you that much feel free to say something about it though She has no right to be "judging" anything here. You get to be happy about your belly for a few months,anyone who wants to rain on that is a butt. (Technical term right?)
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  • Thanks!! Yea I told her not to judge me and she laughingly said she was so I told her to leave my desk then! LOL I know I'm probably being a bit touchy here but still...Don't comment on things you know nothing about is all I ask. :)
  • I've had days when I've told someone "I'm sorry, I can't pay attention to you.. this kid is kicking like crazy and it's really distracting!".. Cracks people up every time. (In an 'at lunch' situation, not a normal work situation..that would be amusing to tell your boss or someone like that!)
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  • i hate it how pepole think they know everything about YOUR pregancy and try to be your ob it feels like lol..i really hate the fact the pepole that has never talked to me before all of sudden want to be my best friend beacuse i have this huge belly. i dont get it lol .. i told someone this last week that if they have a problem with rubbing my belly then dont look beacuse i would like to see them carry this load around!!! lol hope your day gets better!:)

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  • When I do that at work, the other workers ask me what the crystal ball says!!!
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  • I think a bit touchy was an understatement. You're right, she doesn't get it because she's never been pregnant, but you said yourself it was said in a "jokey" manner. Cut the girl some slack, she can't relate because she's never been there, so cracking a joke is her way to relate. You could try to explain (even a "sometimes it just catches me off guard, it's so weird to actually feel her moving in there, you'll understand someday") instead of getting offended. Just a thought.
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