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Rescheduled Appt :(

I got a call just before I left for my appt today that my MW was delivering a baby so I had to reschedule my appt for tomorrow morning :( Oh well...what's one day?!

Sending a big good luck to that momma this morning!

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Re: Rescheduled Appt :(

  • How weird same thing happened to me this morning! I got sooo depressed cause it's our 16 week appointment and we might find out what the sex is, they asked me if I could just come in a little bit later and I said yes before she even finished her sentence lol.
  • I work alone in my office so I couldn't make the appt and later and she told me that my new appt would be around 10:45 but that it could still get cancelled depending on if the momma had her baby yet or not.

    I have to go for the early appts so I can get back for work. So tomorrow it is :( It's okay. I was super excited about my appt, but tomorrow isn't that much of a wait. I won't get to find out the sex tomorrow anyway, but I was hoping they might use the hand held ultrasound machine just so I could see baby inside there. I haven't actually seen the baby looking like a baby yet since it was just a fetal pole last time we got to take a look.

    Good Luck at your appt!

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