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Will the baby react to music that is being played if she likes it? 
I'm 24 weeks along

Re: Music

  • Yes, DS1 used to kick and move a lot when we played music and he liked it. It was so cool to feel. :)
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  • I'm 22 weeks pregnant and let her listen to some Christmas music the other day. They can hear it at this point, she always starts to move around. Just keep the volume low, I use headphones to let her listen to music.

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  • 2nd child loved music and would just dance in there. David Bowie was her fave! 


  • I played some Mozart for LO with headphones on my belly. I think she was sleeping, but when the music started she was very active and started kicking.
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  • I am going to have to do this with Christmas music. I just got the new Lady Antebellum Christmas CD....might have to see how LO likes it! 
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  • I recently read an article that said there is no way to know if baby really does like the music or not.  They might be kicking because they don't like it.  That actually makes more sense to me since I feel the baby kick more when I'm uncomfortable from gas, food, or pain...but, having a husband who is a musician, I prefer to believe that all those kicks baby gives me when daddy plays his balafone and congas is because there is a dance party going on in my belly!
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