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Hi there!  I just moved to PA and we are not currently pregnant but hopefully will be in the next few years.  I have two kids already and loved my OB/GYN practice in Florida.  I've had a few people recommend Midwives at Magee but don't really understand the main difference between midwives and ob/gyn.  I need to find a doctor for my annual check up anyway that is due soon and would like to find someone for down the road when I have another baby, so not just a gyn.  Also, this may seem like a dumb question, but do midwives allow epidurals or is that seen as a no-no in that community (more natural approach to things)?  Thanks for any input!

Re: Midwives at Magee

  • The Midwives at Magee provide well-woman care (gyn) and manage non high-risk pregnancies.  If you deliver at Magee with a midwife, you can deliver without pain medication, but most women still use an epidural.  If you become high-risk at any point there are back-up OBGYNs and residents that will help manage your care.  They would manage things like Pre-Eclampsia, c-sections, and circumcisions.  Like a large OB practice, there are 6 or 7 midwives in the group, and the midwife-on-call will direct your care while you labor and deliver.  I hope this helps!
  • I took a class at Magee back in April 2012 when I was pregnant called Preparing for Childbirth.  In the class, the instructor told us the 95% of women that deliver at Magee get an epidural.  Not sure how accurate that number is or if it even helps, but that's what she said!
  • This is great start, thanks for the info. Do any of you know if there is an established practice/office with the entire group and where that is?
  • Generally, the main difference between a midwife and an OB is their philosophy on birth.  Midwives tend to view birth as a normal, natural process that sometimes requires medical procedures.  Most OBs view birth as a medical procedure that sometimes proceeds naturally.  Of course, this isn't true for ALL OBs.  There are plenty of great ones out there who are willing to let your body do what it was made to, it's just not always easy to find them.

    In my experience, midwives are generally more open to answering your questions, addressing concerns and taking your wishes into consideration.  They are also more likely to try natural techniques as opposed to jumping right in to medical interventions.  At Magee, the midwives work together with the OB that oversees their group.  If for some reason, Maternal Fetal Medicine is needed, they do not take over, but work alongside the midwives.  It's kind of the best of both worlds.  :)  I believe that the only office for the Midwives at Magee is located within Magee. 

  • Oh, and you can ALWAYS deliver without pain medication, if you wish, no matter who you deliver with.  Your care provider and nurses on shift will just determine how much push back you receive about it.
  • Thanks! I see you are a doula? Is it necessary to have a doula if you are under the care of a midwife?
  • After a lot of research, I chose the midwives at magee and I couldn't be happier with them. They are so kind and I find their care to be above and beyond OB/GYN's i've had in the past. The big difference I've found is that they are much more caring and supportive than standard OBs and they will support any birth plan, natural or medicated. For me, having full support for a natural birth in a state-of-the art hospital (with a great NICU) is the perfect combination of care. They spend a lot of times at appointments talking through any and every question. I know they will fully support me through trying for a natural birth and that they will be fully supportive of me should I change my mind on that.
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