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Does anyone else have the intense urge to nest? I've been cleaning, reorganizing, and having the crazy urge to get the baby's room finished and ready. It's driving my husband nuts!


Re: Nesting

  • Um, I got up this morning at 5 to get ready for work, and instead cataloged the give-away clothing piles and bagged them, then got ready for work and cleaned up the dining room table which became the dumping ground for everything that was in our office, which is now DD's big girl room.  I'm going home tonight to measure and order new table pads...so I needed to get that done to trace the table.

    Then I'll probably do laundry...and my bathroom needs to be scrubbed down...here's hoping DD goes to bed at around 8:30! 

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  • Me!!!  My nesting instinct has manifested itself as extreme purging.  I have an entire trunk load of stuff to take to Goodwill this week.  It feels SO GOOD to have all that junk out of my house (and the room to move new baby junk into...).


  • I had a big cleaning weekend around the house and at one point I stopped and thought, hmmm is this nesting? Then I realized my house was so gross that it was just normal cleaning! lol
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  • I have refused to decorate for christmas until my kitchen gets painted... every room is done except that one and I can't do it so DH bettter get a move on! It's driving me crazy!

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  • I steam cleaned the carpets last week. It completely wore me out, but my floors look so much better and are soft again. 

    The guest room/craft room/future nursery is a complete wreck though.  

  • I think that I may finally be gearing up to nest.  I've actually been wanting to get things done on occasion recently, lol.
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