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Mamas to big babies- need advice

My lo was 8lbs 1oz at birth and 14lbs at her 8 week appointment. She's a big girl. It seems after her 10 week mark she has really upped the eating. She can easily do 6oz at one sitting. She has recently seemed hungry again after 2 hours. I talked to the pedi because I don't want to up the volume because I feel like it's too much for her. The nurse said to try and hold her at 4oz at one bottle and then if she's still hungry give her another 1 or 2 oz in another hour or so if she's still hungry. They think she is over eating and giving herself a tummy ache. I just don't know how much I buy this theory. She is otherwise a happy baby and doesn't spit up alot. I'm just kind of at a loss as to what to do. I feel like she's huge for her age and don't want to feed her any more. How much is your lo eating and how big are they. My mom keeps telling me to introduce rice cereal to her since she's a bigger girl but I just don't feel like that's right for her and I heard cereal doesn't necessarily fill them like the myth says. I'm just not sure what to do for her right now and I feel like she's eating way too much. Help!  She is FF by the way.

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Re: Mamas to big babies- need advice

  • My lo was 8lb 14oz at birth and she eats a lot too.  I think we are having the same problem but my lo is only 1 month old.  My husband and I argue all the time about how much she eats.  We have her 1 month appointment tomorrow and I am anxious to see how much she has gained.
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  • My son was 9 lbs 4 oz at birth he's presently eating 4 oz's still we are thinking about upping him to 6 oz soon because he too always seems hungry. His sister on the other hand was 9 lbs 9 oz at birth and was already on 6 oz at the age he is now. Our two month apt is in 2 weeks.
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  • My DD1 was 9lb 3oz at birth and I think at about 14lb at 2 months. No one ever suggested that to me. She was breastfed though so I wasn't always pumping and measuring in a bottle, but I can tell you that for the first few months she wanted to feed every hour and a half. It was all I did in the day haha! She grew to be a very healthy toddler who is certainly not too big for her age, just average. I don't know how much of a difference it makes when they are ff, but she is still so young so I would say don't worry about it!
  • If she's hungry, let her eat! My pedi says infants cannot be overweight.
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  • DS was 9.4 at birth. He is three weeks and eats 3 or 4 oz. every two hours. Sometimes he's hungry after an hour and I just feed him. If temp are eating too much, they will spit it up. If they are keeping it down, they really want it so I would just feed them. DD was a huge chubby baby....95th for weight and ate very often. She is now 3 y/o and super active and skinny. I wouldn't worry about a baby's weight at this point ;)
  • My LO was 8lb 9oz.  At her one month appointment she grew 3in/3lbs. She has another appointment next week, so it is very possible that she will be close to the 14lb mark. I am EBF so I am not sure how much she is eating, but I was surprised this weekend when I pumped over 9oz. She is a good eater, both sides and I can tell when she empties me out. She does eat every 2-3 hours. 

    I would make sure she isn't giving herself an upset stomach, but if she hungry let her eat.  I have not heard anything good about rice cereal. I heard that years ago they suggested putting it in formula, because formula companies could not get enough iron in their product.

    Here is a link my friend who is a doula showed me. I hope it works! I found it interesting

  •  My daughter was 8 12 and a huge eater! It seems like parents and grandparents think you should introduce cereal immediately- that was my experience, anyway. IIf you trust your pedi, I would listen to him/her. Don't worry about your baby being too big at this age- she will grow out of it. It just means she's healthy!!

    It seems like you're doing a great job! I would try not to worry too much! 

    I wrote a post with 28 tips for new parents. I'll post it below. I hope it helps!

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