3rd Trimester

Full Moon is in 2 days.

Re: Full Moon is in 2 days.

  • Here's hoping!! I'm tired of feeling like a snowman. My arms are getting too short to reach my feet or to pick up things off the floor.
  • I was wondering this the other day and was going to look it up - thanks for the info! This lady at work was going on and on last week about how I will go into labor during the full moon b/c she did Confused

    I tried to eat a bunch of turkey on Thanksgiving to induce labor but that wives' tale did not work so here's to hoping this one does! LOL

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  • I'm banking on this popping this little one out too - we are more than ready!
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  • image GigiFairy:
    Just saying...!


    I looked this up during my 2am pee break. I am 40w4d and my first was born during a full moon. I'm kinda hoping this one is too because hubby haS been on holidays hoping for baby to come, but has to go back to work Monday (and the earliest they would schedule induction is Tuesday December 4th).  

     I think I just need the extra 'pull' from the moon. 


    GL everyone!! 

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  • I banking on the full moon for me. My contractions have gone from cramps to sharp, so hopefully the moon will do its thing. ;

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  • Full moon AND a lunar eclipse!  Fingers crossed.  It'll be the most common day of pregnancy for birth in my family, too.
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