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1st Trimester; 1st Baby...

This is the first time Ive ever been pregnant; I am in my first trimester; the nurse said Im 5 weeks b/c of when the start of my last period was but the last period I had was off; I tried explaining this to her but she didn't seem concerned. I have my first actual dr.'s appointment this week, what questions (besides telling her about my last period) are good to ask? (Im 31 and started feeling tired, sore breasts and bloated two weeks ago, which would have meant I was really feeling pregnant at 3 weeks?) Also, any good things for sleeping? I am exhausted at night and go to sleep right away but wake up like clockwork between 1 and 2 am and can't fall back asleep next to my boyfriend- I have to go sleep in the spare room... He's starting to get annoyed that I have to keep leaving and Im exhausted!

Re: 1st Trimester; 1st Baby...

  • That is too funny! your going through exactly what I went through! (With the whole sleeping thing). Just so you know it dosnt end! I am 12 weeks and I feel good and im no longer that exhausted anymore except EVERY SINGLE NIGHT around 1-2AM and then again at 4-5AM and then AGAINNNNN when I finally wake up I HAVE TO PEE!!! my pee schedule is seriously just like that on the dot. I was told its your body getting used to waking up for the baby and its your hormomes producing so much extra stuff and blood thats making your bladder work over time. The only thing that will change from where your at now to where im at at 12 weeks is that you WILL be able to fall back asleep right away after you wake up in the middle of the night...eventually it will happen :)

     And I am using a midwife at a birthing center so my main questions were...what are their proceedures if a problem where to happen? and out of all the deliveries your were involved in, how many had to be taken to the hospital for a c-section and what were the causes?

    If your using a regular OBGYN..im not sure what you would ask.





  • It's definitely possible to feel pregnant at 3 weeks.  It doesn't happen to everyone but the hormones are there and if you're sensitive to them, they can kick your ass ASAP.  You can bring it up to your doctor but your first ultrasound will tell them how far along you're measuring.
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  • they might do an ultra sound, or plan one really soon that's what they did with me because i was not sure.
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