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nursery question re: colors

I found an idea for paint/fabrics for the nursery that I love but what I found uses white furniture and we have natural/light wood furniture already.  Take a look at the pics.... do you think I can pull off gray walls with the light brown furniture?  If not, any other suggestions to keep in this palette? I love teals and greens but don't want the room to be obnoxious.  DS's room is right next to the LO's room and his room is bright green (a little obnoxious) but I think it'd be worse to have rooms side-by-side (can be seen from the same hallway) that are both uber vibrant.




 ETA:  I found another palette that I think will work better, since it shows it with light wood furniture.  The room for this LO is on the smaller side so I'm not sure how the deep aqua/teal color would work on the walls (the bottom color block on the left side of the picture is the proposed wall color) but I could use the lighter shade instead maybe or just be sure to incorporate lots of white -- white shelving, upholstery on the glider, linens -- to lighten it up.  We are having a girl, so they say (haven't actually confirmed girl but last 2 u/s they "don't see boy parts"), but I have most of my house in teals/blues and greens, which I like, so why not for a baby girl's room, right?

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Re: nursery question re: colors

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