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Jacksons birth story

I went in at 6am on 11/1/12 for my scheduled induction.  Pit was started around 7am at 39 week. I was checked and was annoyed to find I was still only 1cm as I had been the week before at my Dr. appt. The Dr. started Pit on "rapid" and I started feeling the contractions shortly thereafter.  I was checked about an hour later and was only at 2cm.  The contractions were getting very intense so I asked for an epidural.  By the time the dr. came to give me the epi, I was in some serious pain but was still only at 2cm. 

Around 1pm, the Dr. checked me again and I was only 3cm.  She left and the dr. that delivered DS #1 came in an hour later and I was already at 7cm.  About 45 minutes later I was feeling the contractions quite a bit, having to breathe through them and squeezing DH's hand and was feeling a lot of pressure.  The nurses were paging my dr. who had just gone into a c-section.  They topped off the epi and a few minutes later my dr. walked in.  They had me do some practice pushes but it was useless because of the epi.  At 3:45pm, I started pushing again and DS #2 was born at 4:11pm.  He was 8 pounds, 6oz, 21.5 inches long.  He is absolutely gorgeous and is so sweet.

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