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Pain since cleaning yesterday

I feel like someone posted something similar recently, but could not find it. We did some deep cleaning/re-organizing yesterday. I pushed around some furniture, but didn't lift anything major. Since yesterday afternoon I've had constant dull pain in my lower abdomen/pelvic area, a little to the right side. I'm also having sharp pain that comes and goes. I called the doctor on call for my clinic and she didn't sound too concerned but said if it gets worse or if I have any bleeding to go to the ER. I plan to be seen at my clinic as a walk-in in the morning. Anyone experienced anything like this? Wishing I had a doppler, I'm sure everything's fine but some reassurance would be nice. As my first pregnancy I never know what's normal and what's not... Thanks ladies!
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Re: Pain since cleaning yesterday

  • While I can't personally relate, this sounds like a common problem on this board. 

    My solution? We're all exempt from cleaning :) 

    Hope you feel better soon! 

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  • I had a similar issue! I ended up going to the Er. I never had any bleeding but it got to the point that It was stopping me in my tracks/ making it hard to walk and it was more strongly on my Left side. The ER said I over did it and to rest and put my feet up the rest of the week/weekend. I rested as much as I could but as a teacher and having a 17 month old it was hard. Luckily it went away. I was cleaning the garage 2 days ago and the same thing happened. I ended up finding a tank- top from my frist pregnancy that is supposed to give support ect. It worked like a charm and the pain was gone.
  • I had similar pain after a car accedent when I was 14 weeks.  I did end up going to the ER and had an ultrasound (never any bleeding, just the pain) and eveything was alright.  I started to feel silly about being so worried, but everyone in the hospital says if there is anything wrong, even if it turns out to be nothing, do what you feel you need to do.  If you feel like you need to see a dr then do it, the stress you'll put yourself through not knowing isen't worth it.
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  • I posted the same thing a week or two ago. I had the same painn/achinessn but it went away by the next day. I just over did the cleaning and I'm sure you did the same thing. Be sure to listen to your body and rest when needed. I've been exempt from the heavy duty it just doesn't get done. Oh yay!
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  • I wonder if this is what I am dealing with.   I dont remember over doing any one thing but my gosh my groin (more right side than left) hurts .. in fact when I get up to walk around it takes me a few minutes to get limbered up.. it does hurt a little when I walk but not bad, more of an ache.  Then my pelvis has been sore.. but I wonder if baby is sitting right on it since the pelvic pressure feeling isnt there all the time.

    like so many I cant just sit all day.....I do relax as much as I can though.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated :)

    ohh the joys of pregnancy.

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  • Thanks all, I'm still achy/sore today so I got in with our out patient clinic, it's in the same building as my office and I didn't feel like driving across town to my OB's office (same clinic system just diffferent location). One of the resident md's saw me and found the heartbeat on the doppler right away (couldn't keep it long because little one was moving around too much) so that put my mind at ease. She also did a UA to make sure it's not a bladder thing and said I probably just over did it.

    I second the "we're all exempt from cleaning" idea! So ready to feel LO moving, hoping that will put me at ease some :) Hope the rest of you are feeling well.

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