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Help, fussy gassy baby

My lo has been on the same formula, gerber gentle, and suddenly in the past two days he has been so gassy and in pain, he was passing gas all day yesterday but nothing seems to help. He just wants to eat and eat because he thinks his bellys hurting cuz hes hungry I guess :/ Idk what to do to help him, this is the first time ive had to deal with something like this.. The gas drops I have dont seem to do anything at all. I burp him everytime he eats, Ive tried the colic massages, but he hates them, the only thing he likes even the slightest bit is when i push his legs up to his belly and back down, but it doesnt seem to be helping at all :( Am I missing something? Its like this all day and all night, And its killing me. How can i help relieve his gas, because hes so uncomfortable :/ TIA!
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Re: Help, fussy gassy baby

  • even though i breast feed my baby, i pretty much had the same issue- so much fussing and crying due to her uncomfortable lower gas issues- and the colic calm and gripe water was not doing the trick. the only thing that seemed to work was holding my baby in what my husband and i refer to as the "crotch hold". my old boss showed me how to do it when my daughter was three weeks old- and its been pretty key. i dont know how to explain how to do it exactly but, i found a little youtube clip of some guy holding his baby in the position. i think it works because you put pressure on the belly, which provides some relief. good luck!

  • I'm interested to see the responses to this as well! My lo is also extremely gassy. We have gas drops that seems to help some of the time, and just recently tried gripe water, which doesn't seem to do anything. I try to burp her every time she eats, but she is not an easy burper, and it usually comes out the other end. She just gets so uncomfortable that all we can do is walk around and pat her back or tummy and hope that something helps.

    I will definitely be trying that hold position next time though! Turns out my MIL suggested something like that to DH as well, so hopefully it will help! 

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  • mommy's bliss gripe water.
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  • I EBF and I am having the same issue, I've tried gas drops I seen no improvement, recently bought Mommys Bliss Gripe water and i think its so so. Doesnt seem to work as well as the reviews I had read. I have to change my diet and thats really hard, cause I get gas so it does the same to LO I noticed holding her in a football form does help or putting her over my knee and pat her back she always falls asleep that way or atleast stares around comforteably that way for awhile. I swaddle her and lay her on her belly a lot during naps also. GL Its so hard not being able to relieve these LO poor little gassy issues :(
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