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2 year old is the worse sleeper than the 4 month old

Is anybody else going thru this?  I for sure thought our baby would be a worse sleeper than my 2 year old!

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Re: 2 year old is the worse sleeper than the 4 month old

  • I don't have 2u2 but mine are 25 months apart so I lurk here a lot. Our 2.5 year old is by far a worse sleeper. We are up with her more than the 5 month old. So far our solution has been to tag team. DH usually deals with DD1 while I deal with DD2 [I'm still BFing so this makes the most sense for us]. We do have good nights though with DD1. She is just not a good sleeper as a whole. But it makes those nights where she does STTN all the more rewarding even if they are rare.
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  • Yes. My 21 month old gets up many times a night while my 13 week old sometimes sleeps 12 hours straight. So frustrating. I think it's dreams and the fact that she probably thinks a lot about playing, etc...since she remembers more now.
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  • My two year old was all screwy and getting up at 4am for he day... i shook up his schedual compleatly! He was going to bed at 7:30 up at 4 then nap by 10:30 now he goes to be at 99:30 then sleeps till 8ish and nap at 2. Or unfortunaly try to take the nap out? Good luck!
  • LO isn't here yet, but DS still wakes up once a night, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    I have a friend with a 2 year old and a 5 month old. The 5 month old sleeps through the night, and the 2 year old keeps her up all night. 

  • Yup, my 14 month old is an early riser, but at least he sleeps straight though.  The 2.5 year old is up to pee, up for hugs, up early, etc.

  • mr 20 months is terrible he is slowly getting better but still wakes at 12, 2:30 then big sleep till 7 then back till 9 - 9:30. Mr 7 weeks is up at 3am for feed and change then back down till half 6


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  • Yes. They keep alternating on who is the worst sleeper. 
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  • OMG I am so glad I seen this post. I thought I was the only mom who's older kid was on a worse schedule than baby. My Newborn is 1 month and 1wk right now and she wakes about 2- 3 x's to nurse throught the night. My almost 2y.o actually tonight even didnt go to sleep til 330am. . (im weaning her) but even while I nursed she was up3-6 x's a night to nurse and or just cause havoc. This makes me feel so much better cause I was starting to wonder wth was wrong with my parenting.
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