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Hospital PJs-long sleeve or short sleeved?

I am picking out a nightgowns and PJ set to take to the hospital with me to wear after delivery. I'm trying to decide between a sleeveless top or a long sleeve one. Right now I am burning up all the time, so the idea of a long sleeve shirt makes me want to sweat for days, but I'm not sure how I'll feel later.

S+TMs- were you still really warm all the time shortly after giving birth? What were you most comfortable in after delivery?

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Re: Hospital PJs-long sleeve or short sleeved?

  • i'm going to layer - i wore a tank in the hospital with DS1 but i just bought a long sleeve to bring with me and i'll bring a hoodie as well just in case. there are blankets if you do get cold but they keep it pretty warm in there for the babies anyway.


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  • I'm almost always cold but have these hot flashes where I turn into a ball of flames but then it goes and I'm all sweaty and then freeze again. I'm planning on getting a robe to wear during labor, so maybe I'll try to find a top and bottom that goes with it that I don't mind if they get yucky. Target has some good stuff so I'll look there. I know every room has it's own thermostat so I can fiddle with them if I get cold. I definitely think a robe will be a good thing to bring along.


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  • I'm going with sleeveless but also bringing a sweatshirt to layer with just in case it's cold. Though I doubt that it will be.
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  • I was going to bring only sleeveless/tanks and then bring my maternity hoodie and a robe.
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  • I'll probably stay in the gown they provide for a majority of the time but do plan to take my rob to wrap up in when guest come or when we go for  walk in the halls. I'll probably try to make sure DH packs his as well so he can wrap up with baby girl too.
  • I'm in the hospital right now and I've found that short sleeve works best. If you have an IV attached at all (even if it's removed right after delivery) the short sleeve option is best. Long sleeves just get in the way...

    Definitely bring a sweatshirt or robe though...

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  • I'm glad you asked this question since I have no clue.  In the end, I'll probably end up packing a nursing cami, short-sleeved shirt, and long-sleeved shirt just in case.
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  • It really depends on how warm the hospital room is going to be.  At the hospital I'm going to it's hit or miss.  Some rooms are broiling...others are freezing.

    I figure on using a l/s gown and if I need to roll up the sleeves I can.  I still don't know if I'm going to have a repeat c-sec or not.  If I am, then I'm definitely going to be cold from the anesthesia. 

    I don't know re: vaginal birth about being hot or cold.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Im not a STM, but I am a frequent flyer of the hospital, and it seems like it's always freezing in the hospital, at least whenever I'm there. So I will be bringing a few layers of clothing.

  • I saw a really cute PJ set on motherhood that is a nursing PJ set. The tank is nursing but it comes with a cardigan that ties that I thought was cute. I think I may splurge and get it for my birthday coming up. :) 


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  • I would do short sleeves and grab a light weight robe for when you get too cold or want to roam the halls.  Like pp said, short sleeves are better for the inevitable IV port and the hot flashes you may have.  When I had DS, the rooms were freezing - great for labor, not so great for after labor/csection and new baby and poor husband.  I was glad I took my own blanket for the baby!  Make sure your DH takes a jacket or sweatshirt too.  I had a robe over the hospital gown while I was there to stay warm, but would have hot flashes that would have me stripping it off. :)



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  • I wore a sleeveless tank the whole time, but I was on mag-sulfate a lot, so I probably felt a lot warmer than I normally would have. I'm going to have layers handy this time.
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  • I wore nursing tanks the entire time last time and was fine.  I'll bring 2 tanks, 2 t shirts, and my zip up hoodie this time.
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  • I was really warm after so I wouldn't do long sleeve or sleeveless put short sleeve sounds perfect!
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  • Just to warn you...in the days after birth, you will sweat like you never dreamed possible. That could make you colder in a cold room, or make a hot room feel like a sauna. It is seriously gross. Unless you are looking for clothes to wear in front of visitors, I would bring cotton layers. And plan to wear the hospital gown as pyjamas...I changed into a fresh one each time I woke up because the sweating was so very gross.
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  • I don't really remember. I do remember being hot immediately following delivery. Like fire burning hot, but other than that I don't recall. I am planning on taking nursing tanks and some zip up hoodies to wear.
  • Id layer. I was freezing immediately (so hot in labor so they move the temp down and then brrrrr!) but then I don't remember so I must have been fine? Anyhow. I have some cute PJs from Soma that will be great. soft PJ pants with a tank (which is perfect for BFing FYI and the style of it, a large fits me perfectly NOW so I have a med for post partum - which FITS now but is tight in the tummy) plus a cardigan style top. I got it all off the clearance rack fyi. But, if you are looking for lursing friendly sleepwear these are great. THe strap/cup pulls down easy for access. And with visitors and all I wanted something presentable. 


    I also have a cheapie sleep/nursing nightgown from target from last time that Ill bring. It is short sleeve and knee length, in case I want to wear a gown in the hospital.  



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  • Yeah, I was hot. I wore sleeveless stuff the entire time I was in the hospital, and that was in air conditioning. I brought a hoodie.
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  • image 2u2wow:

    i'm going to layer - i wore a tank in the hospital with DS1 but i just bought a long sleeve to bring with me and i'll bring a hoodie as well just in case. there are blankets if you do get cold but they keep it pretty warm in there for the babies anyway.



    DD had a hard time regulating her temp for a while after she was born, so my room was a good 85 degrees.  I was glad to have the option of taking off/adding layers as needed.

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  • sleeveless/short sleeved because our hospital is always pretty warm; anyhow I'll also take a robe
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  • I was crazy hot with ds1 and this one.  After delivery I was freezing!  I think short sleeves and a robe would be perfect!
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  • One thing no one told me about. .... post-partum hot flashes! They were awful!! I wore a nursing tank and yoga pants. Everyone else cold from the hospital AC.

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