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Little Maddie arrived!

It has been quite a week! Tuesday, DH came home from a 6 month deployment. We spent Wednesday getting ready for Turkey day on Thursday. I planned to cook for several of the single sailors who just arrived from deployment also. Thursday, after everyone had eaten and was hanging out and relaxing, I felt a gush, then another and an even bigger one and was sure I wasn't peeing myself. I quickly went to change and DH and I went to the medical clinic on base.

Medical confirmed it, my water had broken. However, since we live in Japan and the military hospitals do not have a NICU and i was only 34 weeks, I was transferred to a Japanese hospital. Then I was transferred again after the first hospital said they did not have room in their NICU for my baby.

After arriving at the second hospital, the doctors gave me magnesium sulfate to try and stop my contractions. They prepared me to stay in the hospital for as long as it took to keep LO inside and prescribed extreme bed rest, I could only get up to use the toilet. After being on the magnesium sulfate for about 8 hours and my contractions still coming, the doctor took me off it and said to prepare for delivery.

The first three hours of labor were fairly mild, contractions were just an annoyance, but then the heat was turned up. I went from 4cm to 9 cm in three hours without medication and delivered our baby girl after twenty minutes of pushing. I cannot describe the relief and joy the second Maddie came out!! She was 5 lb 1oz and 18.3 inches long and is absolutely beautiful!

Since she is early, she is having a few difficulties but nothing major. Her breathing had already stabilized, she is strengthening her sucking and swallowing, and maintaining her own body temperature. The hardest part is only being able to see her for a few hours a day and not being able to hold her. But the nurses think I will be able to hold her soon! I cannot wait!

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