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Co-Sleeping & Crib

For those who co-sleep, is there still reason to get a crib?

I want us to get the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper (not enough room in our bed) and was assuming we'd also get a crib, but I'm starting to wonder. We're in an apartment so maybe we could put it off, although I'm not sure if hubby would be too happy about that. Or my MIL. 

 If we do get a crib it'll be one that transitions to a toddler bed, so maybe it's still good to have? 

Would love to hear from other co-sleeping mamas! 

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Re: Co-Sleeping & Crib

  • We don't have a crib. When DS is ready for his own bed, we'll just get him a floor mattress. I say don't waste the money if LO isn't going to sleep in it!
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  • If you don't have the space and are not sure if they would even use it, I would suggest not getting one. Instead, I would do a RnP that easily collapses and stores. You could also get a PnP if you want something more substantial... I have both, plus a crib, and my LO has only really used the RnP. I think for our next, I will forgo the crib all together.
  • (1) If she doesn't live in your house, don't worry about MIL (I know, easier said than done).

    (2) We skipped the Arms Reach and just got a crib, which we sidecarred  to our bed.

    We have just recently moved the crib away from our bed and put the 4th side on, b/c DS was being disturbed by us. He will probably go to his own room soon, as he still seems to be disturbed by DH coming to bed late at night and also snoring...

    (3) You could just buy a crib and move LO to the crib mattress on the floor when s/he needs a toddler bed. It can be 2-3 years before kids are ready to give up their cribs... 

    ETA: We live in a small apartment. 


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  • What's the weight limit on the ARC?  I thought it was something like 15 lbs.  If that's the case, your  baby might outgrow it quickly (DD's always been under 50%ile and was 15 lbs by 5 months - well before I'd be comfortable with a floor bed for her).  If you don't have enough room for her to sleep with you in your bed, you'll need another place for her to sleep.  

    So, if it's something your husband wants, I'd go ahead and get it (because his opinion matters).  

    I actually wonder how on-board your husband is with long-term co-sleeping, if he's really interested in getting a crib.  Or, does he think LO will sleep in a crib for naps?  You might want to talk about it in detail before making your decision.

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  • Does your MIL live with you? Why does her opinion matter at all?

    We did use a crib for naps or when our kids went to sleep before we did (the crib was in our room). DS1 had a mini-crib, I'm pretty sure he still fit in it at 12 months (he didn't really use it at that point, though!).

    You can also strap a crib frame to a bed frame if you take off one of the sides, ala toddler bed (there are tutorials on how to do it safely online). Or get a king size mattress and put it on the floor. Baby can sleep there for naps.

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  • With DD1, we used a mixture of the ARC and bed sharing until 11 months. At that time she moved to her crib which she was in until 21 months. So we did use it even if for only 10 months.

    For DD2, we used the RNP until 5 months with very limited bed sharing. Now we're back to using the ARC. We plan to transition her to her crib around 11 to 12 months as well. She may prefer her crib so who knows how long she'll be in it. DD1 needed to move to a big girl bed [twin bed] sooner rather than later. It has helped all of us sleep. We'll see what happens as DD2 gets older.

    All in all, I'm glad we got the crib and we did use it to some extent.
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  • We had one.  It was a great place to put her clothes once they were out of the washer but not yet put away.  (It will happen!)  Other than that, it really didn't get used for much.  Well, jumping on when she got older. :P
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  • You can always wait it out on the crib--if you find that you need/want one later on you can always get one.  We're cosleeping now but I do plan to transition to crib at some point because I think we'll all get better sleep that way when LO is older (just because of our dynamic, not a blanket statement!).  Or, as pp said, you can skip the ARC (though I love ours! not a knock against ARC at all!) and sidecar the crib.

    Just wondering--you said your husband might not be happy about not getting a crib. Why is that?  Is he on board with long-term cosleeping or is he seeing the crib as a "light at the end of the tunnel" kind of thing (ie, "when we transition to the crib we won't cosleep...").  

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  • We co-sleep.  We live in an apartment too and I think it was a waste of space to get one before he was 6 months (we had one 2 months before he was born).  We side-carred the crib at around 8 months when he started crawling because it was a way to contain him and a way to get some space back.  Little people seem to spread out more and take up A LOT of space. Now at almost 11 months we put the crib in his own room and he takes naps and starts out the night (from about 8 to midnight when we go to bed) in it. 

    It's definitely useful but if you're worried about space I'd probably wait a bit on it. But then again, we have a king size mattress so space in our bed wasn't an issue until he started crawling.

  • Thanks all! I found out today that DH has had clients (he's a LMHC) who've had their kids sleeping with them on up to age 12/13 & he's worried we're going to be like that - definitely no! We're going to wait on deciding for now. No MIL doesn't live w/ us, she's just a pill w/ her constant opinions. I know it's not such a big deal to have one more thing to set a boundary with - it would just be nice :-P What did RnP & PnP stand for?
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