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Will my baby's scratching her face leave a scar?

A couple of days ago I noticed my three week old daughter had red scratches all over the sides of her face. After that we clipped her nails but one scratch is still visible, though it is less red. In the light it appears to be white and if I move my knuckle over the scratch I feel it is slightly elevated. So I am worried it will leave a permanent scar. How can I tell?

There wasn't any blood or anything and it didn't seem like it was a deep scratch but does there need to be blood for it to become a scar? Should I put some ointment on it or should I just leave it alone?

I am worried because I don't want her to have scars in the face. Has anyone's baby ever scratched his or her face that hard that it left a permanent scar?

Here are some pictures.

Re: Will my baby's scratching her face leave a scar?

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