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Before I leave the 3rd trimester board, I would like to share my birth story . Tuesday night I went to the hospital to get induced. Wednesday morning at 9 am I got a pelvic exam and was told I was 1 cm dilated. I was then given pitocin. I started getting contractions an hour later. As my midwife and nurse were monitoring my baby?s heart rate, they noticed that it would drop sometimes whenever I had a contraction. It didn't occur all the time, but they still monitored it closely. After a few hours I asked for an epidural (more like screamed), but was told I had to wait until I was at least 3 cm dilated. I was given some pain medication to dull the pain, but it did not work. My midwife then decided to let me have the epidural. Once I was injected, she performed another exam and said ?you?re already 10 cm dilated, but I can barely feel the head.? Then the baby?s heart rate dropped again. I go to an OB/midwife practice. Whenever there are complications that may involve surgery, the midwives will contact the OB.  She immediately called the OB and within seconds my room was filled with hospital staff. They were explaining to me that I may need a c section and they were prepping a room just in case. On the outside I was calm, but inside I was freaking out. I looked at my husband and he looked like he was scared to death.  They said that would wait an hour and if there was no improvement, they would proceed with the c section.  About 45 minutes later, my midwife entered the room and said ?we are going to try to deliver this baby. Hopefully, your pushing will motivate her to move her head down.? So I began to push. Exactly 1 hour later I gave birth to my baby, Ava Elizabeth. Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. This was probably why she couldn't move her head into position. I am so happy this ordeal is over. I get choked up every time I think about what could have happened. She is truly our miracle baby and I plan to love her forever. 

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