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Turning off the monitor?

DD is driving me nuts.  She's up every two hours after having slept from 8:30 to 3:30 every night when she was younger.  Last night, I ended up feeding her at 8, 9:30, 12, 2, 4, and 6.  She wakes up around 6-7.  At 4, DH went in briefly to give her a pacifier, but she ended up screaming through it.  I have been subscribing to the "if she wakes up crying, she's hungry" line of thought, but now I'm not so sure.  She eats, but not very vigorously.


Her bedroom is adjacent to ours.  I sleep next to the wall that we share with her room.  Should I turn the monitor off so that she fusses a while before I hear her?  Or should I keep running to her every two hours?


Re: Turning off the monitor?

  • IMO I would not turn the monitor off but I like to hear my LO at night.  Recently my LO has started to wake up more than she normals does (she used to wake up once but now gets up 2-3 times).  Instead of rushing in I give her a few minutes to see if she will calm back down and go to sleep.  Most of the time she will fuss for a few minutes and then drift off back to sleep.  When she fusses for more than 3 minutes I figure she is hungry and will get up and nurse her.  Maybe try this with your LO.  Do you think she is teething or is going through a growth spurt? It is tough when they wake up every couple of hours!  I hope you get some rest again soon!
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  • DS is across the hall and I hear him just fine without a monitor. I don't need to hear every single rustle or it'd drive me crazy and I'd end up going in and waking him up!
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  • Ugh...I went through the same thing last night.  She used to have at least a 4 hour stretch every night and often 5-6 hours.  Last night her longest stretch was 2 hours!  I don't even know how many times she was up. 

    You could try sleeping with the monitor off.  That way, you won't notice when she fusses and she'll  have a chance to soothe herself back to sleep.  If she really cries, you'll still notice.  Or you could turn down the volume a bit?

    I am still responding to cries for now and she sleeps in our room.  So it's hard for me to ignore. I want to wean her off the MOTN feedings when she is over 6 months. 

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  • Yup ours is off. We share a wall so I hear her if she cries. Grunts? No.
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    Yup ours is off. We share a wall so I hear her if she cries. Grunts? No.

    Same here. I hate that she is in her own room but we're all sleeping much better this way.  

  • I have a video monitor but turn it off when I go to bed so I don't hear every little noise.

    If I randomly wake up in the night I can quickly turn it on and check on him. But our house is small and I can hear him when he really cries and needs something.


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  • E has also begun doing this. I turned the monitor off ages ago because the angel care alarm sounded every single time she rolled to her side, which is primarily how she sleeps. Also, her bedroom is 15 ft away from mine, so I can still hear everything she says, I just don't need to hear everything she does.

    With alll of that being said, she WAS STTN (9p-7a) until very recently...we go in and give her back her binky a couple of times and that usually takes care of it. If not, we feed her...If that doesn't work, it's swing time and that knocks her out cold.



  • I turned the monitor as low as it would go, but it just got really static-y, not quiet exactly.  DH is a really light sleeper, and I can't really let her fuss with the monitor on without him waking up.  I'm going to try it tonight and see how it goes.
  • We haven't used the audio monitor in months. Her room is next to ours and we just keep both doors open. I hear her just fine and can easily get in there before she's fully awake when she fusses at night. We do not do CIO.
  • My L.O. is 15mo. and I still keep the monitor on (although mine is a video monitor). I don't get up for every whimper she makes, but I do like to look in on her and make sure she is ok and not causing trouble. I am a very heavy sleeper and that makes a difference too, so for me it's best to have that extra noise so when I am sleeping I can wake up to her crying if she needs me. Best of Luck to you and your family!! Love - From Mine :-)
  • I would say, do what is best for you.  My daughter started sleeping through the night at about 6 months old.  At about 7 1/2 months old, she started to get up once in the night about 2:30-3am for a feeding and diaper change.  She briefly slept through the night and now at 9 months old, almost 10 months, she is getting up again at about 2:30am-3am for a feeding but not every single night.  I know she is teething right now and is probably going through a growth spurt.  I leave the monitor on at night just because her room is not really close to mine and if she does get up and needs to be fed, I can hear her.  I would agree though that if you feel comfortable that you can hear your little one at night without the monitor, turn it off, otherwise if you have peace of mind with it on, leave it on.  You could also try to see if fussing a little will help her go back to sleep and if not, then get up with her.  Good luck.
  • @BubbaJug, If your Angel Care alarm is giving false alarms, might want to make sure it's installed properly. The instructions call for you putting a prone material between the monitor and the matress frame (frame then plywood, press board, or we're using a cement HardiBacker board because it was what we had).  We haven't had any false alarms, and we can put him on one end or the other of the crib, or on the boppy in the crib so that he's not even breathing directly into the mattress.  I'd also try their customer service, because that's ridiculous.  Good luck!
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