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Potty training & not pooping in the potty

My son is 28 months & has been peeing in the toilet for almost 2 months now.... Pooping is another story.  He refuses & asks for a diaper.  We have gotten him to at least sit for a minute on the toilet but no poop & asks for diaper.  I'm over it.  Any suggestions for getting him to finally go in the toilet?

Re: Potty training & not pooping in the potty

  • I've yet to find a way to get DD to poop on the toilet.  She has been 100% pee trained for 2 months, but still won't poop.  I've tried bribes and explaing the process, but she gets frantic and won't listen to me.  I'm just keep talking about it and I don't get outwardly frustrated (in my head I'm screaming!), I'm hoping that one of these days it will just click.  Not helpful, but your not alone:)
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  • DS was peeing in the toilet for about a week or so before he finally pooped.  I was out of town, and DH somehow convinced him to poop.  The story he told me is that he sat in the bathtub with the curtain closed and sang a pooping song like the little engine that could - I think I can, I think I can, poo! poo!  LOL - it worked!
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  • DS was also not pooping in the potty, while being fully pee trained. It went on for months and I could hardly believe that one day he would finally give up his diaper. I was desperate!
    Well, basically every single time he'd ask for a diaper, I would say "Would you like to try the toilet instead? I could get you a XYZ". I tried with a million different treats, and one day he said yes!

    It was also very important for me to believe that he would eventually do it on his own terms - I had faith. That's all it is about Smile


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  • My DD has been pee-trained since June, and onloy recently started willingly pooping on the potty. I managed to get her to do a couple of times by bribing her with a popsicle while sitting on the potty and promise of a special treat afterwards. 

    It was only recently that she got poop-trained to the point where she went on the potty without beign forced, and I don't recommend what did the trick. We all had the stomach virus and she had diarrhea. :( She knew she couldn't hold it in.



  • DD took about two weeks to poop train.  What worked for us was making a chart.  Just one time of pooping on the potty and she could go to McDonalds, then we upped it to three times, then five times, then seven times, and finally ten times and then we were confident that she was fully trained and stopped taking her to McDonalds.  Also, we made sure to read books and sing songs while on the potty.  Her daycare teacher told us that if she's holding it in (which she did) for a few days to just get her comfortable enough to sit on the potty and eventually the poop will just fall out.  Sure enough, after a few days of patience it paid off and she started pooping in the potty. 

     You'll probably have to take away the diaper and refuse to let him poop in it.  If he knows he has access to a diaper, he'll keep holding it in until he can go in the diaper. 

    I've also heard from others to just let him poop right on the floor and he'll see how it all works and "should" put it in the toilet next time. 

    Good luck.  It's not an easy course!

  • I never come to this board, but popped on to read about this exact issue. I'm at my wits' end. DD is only pooping every other day, she holds it as long as she can, then poops her pants, or her diaper (since we diaper during naps for this reason). I try to remain calm and explain, but then go to my room and practically cry :-)

    She's been pee trained since September but has only pooped a handful of times. And never because she told us she had to, just because we made her sit there.

    Now we have a new baby and she is regressing a bit even with pee (we were told this could happen) but it's really frustrating! This thread was helpful. I don't know when it will work for us, but you aren't alone!


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  • I literally just held him on the potty while he screamed that he didn't want to.  Contrary to popular belief he is not scarred for life.

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