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Inverted Nipples

Hi! I am a first time mother-to-be, and was reading about difficulties with breast feeding. It said on of the biggest problems is inverted nipples bc it will be hard for the baby to latch on. is anyone else having this issue, and if so, should i be worried that I won't be able to nurse?

Re: Inverted Nipples

  • Probably should post this on the breastfeeding board instead of here.

    But...  I have heard of several success stories over the years of inverted nipples coming out due to nursing.  A sheild may be required for the first couple weeks (though I'd try at first w/o and see).


  • one of my nipples is inverted (although I never realised this before I had a baby and tried BF)

    I did find BF on that side a bit more challenging but by no means impossible. I had serious nipple pain BF my first, on both sides,a nd that was all down to bad latch. So I cannot say it enough get your latch right!! Drag every person into your room and get them to watch you latch LO on. Get the maintenance man into lookif you must.

    You'll probably find that different people will give you different tips on ways to hold LO. Try them all. Find what is most comfortable for you. On my inverted side I found the "football hold" was easiest when LO was tiny to get a good comfortable latch. Once she got bigger I could hold her any which way. 

    You will have some tenderness, but pain should subside and not intensify as the feeding continues. BF DD2 my nipples were tender for 2 days and then we had no problems. I put that down to getting my latch sorted right from the beginning.

    I also would pinch my nipple  with my fingers out to make it easier for LO to latch.

    Good luck! 

    Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old

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